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You are on the right track. Here’s some more info for you. Plenty about adjuvants too.

A full breakdown of vaccine history with many linked sources, including scientific journals and government studies:



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Good thing they just passed brand new water laws during this dry and rain-free year 🙃

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I’m in a red state and 1/3 of people wouldn’t surprise me in my city.

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Lol, 15 million illegals. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were 100 million today.

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There’s probably another reason why tv and entertainment remain cheap.

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Damn, I had to hire a lawyer for a recent family matter and he charged $350 an hour

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There was a subreddit, r/thisneverhappens about trans people raping and assaulting.

Of course it was banned.

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nobody makes plugs for a damn mangina

In fact, the opposite. They have to dilate for hours per day.

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If it was an Obama rule, it was probably way too far overreaching and had disastrous consequences, most likely.

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I was recently at a funeral and a couple in their late 60’s was telling me about how happy they were to have never had kids, and how it was their choice.

I found it strange they brought it up out of nowhere.

I hope they are happy with their money.

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I wish I’d had an arranged marriage

The absolute state of the world.

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Who invented the teleporter and why didn’t the other guy just invent a teleporter too?

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I agree.

I would be very much interested in a politician who wanted to end a bunch of entitlement programs.

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