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I’ve seen some sold out products but not everything is entirely gone.

I may just live in a better area (red state) but there is less on the shelves than there was a year ago.

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You can sometimes check by pasting the link in an incognito window.

If it comes up as “survey complete” or similar, it’s not anonymous.

Not foolproof, but a good indicator.

They also use the weasel wording “confidential” to imply it’s anonymous, but it is not.

I got a survey and just didn’t answer.

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“We voted for them and they didn’t help us! It was all a scam for money!”

“Of course we’re going to vote for them again!”

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“Education spending” used to go to schools.

My state just passed a referendum where anything can be education spending now.

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My city will fine you if you use your fireplace during “bad air days”. But we have an oil refinery just a few miles from downtown.

I’m sure it’s my fault burning a few logs and not the smokestacks going 24/7 that’s ruining the air.

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I know tons of liberals in Utah who did this.

They know their side is weak, but instead they choose to sabotage instead of improve.

So much for “democracy”.

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Prions aren’t killed by cooking, unfortunately

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Teach them strong Christian values instead.

There are many inconvenient scientific studies indicating the more partners a woman has, the worse her mental health becomes.

It’s not “unfulfilling sex” that’s the problem—it’s unfulfilling relationships.

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Most vaccines use other vaccines or adjuvants as their placebo.

An adjuvant is a substance, usually aluminum or thimerosal (mercury) designed to irritate your immune system and provoke a response.

The majority of safety complains for vaccines are related to the use of adjuvants and side effects. The safety studies for these substances are very old and based on assumptions.

They use these as “placebos” to hide side effects.

For example, Stanley Plotkin, an early vaccine scientist considered the “Godfather of Vaccines” admitted the safety studies for Gardasil were flawed and that if you extrapolated the rate of side effects in the trial, each and every human in America would have these side effects just being alive. That is obviously flawed data.

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Solution, abolish training for conceal carry + reintroduce gun safety classes in all schools

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All vaccines should be questioned.

We have multiple effective treatments for COVID, plus two years to have been exposed and developed antibodies.

All vaccines suffer from fudged numbers and manipulated safety studies.

VAERS isn’t new. Legal immunity isn’t new.

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MMR is a really nasty vaccine.

The same people lying about this vaccine’s effectiveness are lying about all of them.

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Brain inflammation.

Get him some anti-inflammatory herbal supplements like turmeric.

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Alternate theory: the swabs are preinfected with covid to assist the spread.

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No, I agree with you.

I’m just saying that it’s true it doesn’t exist yet.

So companies are basing their guidance on rules they haven’t seen yet.

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Here is a very thorough breakdown with sources. Recommended reading before deciding which vaccines to give your child:



Spoilers: polio vaccine has terrible side effects and polio has naturally been eradicated with modern sanitation (it spreads via fecal contamination). Tetanus does too. The reason it’s associated with rusty nails is because rusty nails are typically found on old farmland where fences and barns used to be. Tetanus can live in the soil from cow pies.

Both vaccines have killed and injured thousands of people.

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If OSHA is still writing it, that means it is not real yet.

They are basing their policies on guidelines that have not been released yet. They don’t know what these guidelines will say, etc.

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