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"Hebrew National" media.

This country was founded by Anglicans for Anglicans and other ghost white ethnicities of good moral character, and here we are being propagandized by hot dogs, and hot dogs were not "white eligible" along with italians and catholics pledged to the pope.

Here we are. They print infinite money illegally, and use it to brain wash your children to accept raping 3 year old girls "because their hymen grows back, it's ok".

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We really need a pic of the full crowd. We had more than MLK by a huuuuge crowd but this is the only pic we have. This was the largest gathering in DC ever. Where's AJs pics, he was up on a building earlier in the day.

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If we can dump bud light, we can dump federal reserve notes.

There will be no peaceful resolution as long as a group that wants to kill you can fraudulently print infinite money, while you have to do physical work to pay off a monopoly mortgage.

We have to reverse the power asymmetry first.

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It's time we start forming our own grand juries again.

We are the 4th branch of government affirmed by Scalia in UNITED STATES V. WILLIAMS, 504 U.S. 36 AT 48 (1992).

We're not doing OUR job of government corruption oversight. You first have to correct your status with the secretary of state rebutting the presumption you are a us citizen, and you have to own some land outright with a land patent not a county recorder deed, and you have to be a white male.

The republic still exists. We don't use it, being in post-civil war federal protection districts called "state of ..." which exist for people claiming us citizen status. Which is not a lawful status, which is how they jerk you around.

Several states have half formed citizen led grand juries.

Find a group in your state.

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Actually you personally are primarily responsible to route out evil in the government. The people are the 4th branch of government as recognized by justice scalia. You have to lawfully raise grand juries to investigate corruption. It's not the responsibility of any elected rep or bureaucrat or judge or da or sheriff.

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Tina is not done. She has nothing to lose and no fear of death. Terminal cancer survivor, son killed in war, husband dying in nursing home. She's going out fighting. Total badass.

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They absolutely did in high school, stop trying to change history. And there's still some based rural counties where kids roam free with guns like every other adult because their parents don't infantilize them like you do.

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It's for legal reasons that they shout stop resisting while shooting. Also applies to citizens arrests, if the suspect resists being dragged into court. I'm not a lawyer and can't give advice.

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You're right looks like all that Pam accomplished was cheating that whistleblower of vote fraud clerk Tina Peters in the primaries.

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Mormons are not trying to secretly kill YOU, just the president of the united states whom they see as slave to the crown. Joseph Smith was a free mason first and rejected it to make a his own less corrupt cult.

Muslims are not great. They know that they are a powerless minority, so they flatter you until they get the upper hand. Then you wake up dead and your daughter raped. I've been close enough to muslims to have them reveal their ways. I was doing the same thing, being friendly so I could figure them out.

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yes but they voted newsom out except they counted by mail. everyone knows that. California would also be red, not texas red, but take out the other races and the women.

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It's specifically the secretary of state who stole her way in, Pam Anderson. Her husband is in the oil business.

They are driving their competitors out of business. Drilling permits crashed something like 90%. I wonder who gets the 10%? They don't want their rich competitors in colorado to know that they are intentionally shutting down drilling, saying that it's to avoid being a nuisance next to a home.

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