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His excuse wasn't even very good either. What exactly would he hope to do in some legitimate fashion with a picture of a kid not wearing a mask, and if he thought he was justified, why would he be nervous about the father filming him back. Guy definitely has a rap sheet with how nervous he was being about being filmed. His reaction tells me loud and clear that he's not even legally supposed to be anywhere near kids.

This is EXACTLY why they started mask policies in the first place though. When they announced COVID, we were just off the heels of a summer of BLM and bernie bro riots, where they were using masks to conceal their identities, and everyone was weary of anyone wearing a mask because it was only something people did when they wanted to do illegal shit. The left threw up the mask policy to normalize masks to run cover for their rioters.

Then they eased it into a system of control. And now masks are still being used by leftists to commit crimes, with nearly complete immunity because there's nothing to directly identify. Stores getting robbed all the time now by people wearing surgical masks, and none of those crimes are getting solved. Before all this mask crap, if anyone walked into a store wearing any kind of mask, even a ski mask in the dead of winter, they would be immediately under suspicion of being up to no good.

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There is a circle of people in the know to not get the real shot. After all, they can't openly send the memo to everyone. That's why you see these cases where a CEO here and a celebrity there go down from the shot. But I guarantee you, almost no one in Hollywood has actually gotten the real shot...and for good reason, they're public figures. They start dropping like flies, and normies will notice right away. That would be the nail in the coffin for the vax.

I'm sure they have a taskforce that decides who gets the real shot and who doesn't, to ensure public figures aren't dropping like flies. So when Hollywood people go in and demand a shot out of blind wokeism, they're probably given the saline without even realizing it. Since all of these people live in the same general areas, it's not difficult to coordinate. It's not like these celebrities go down to the local free clinic or walgreens to get their shot.

Their depopulation plan is pretty shit though, because at this rate all the people inheriting the earth will be based people, and globalist elites, top heavy with the laziest and most incapable and spoiled people on the planet who haven't actually worked a hard day in their lives and have never felt so much as the graze of a splinter on their fingers. They have no capacity to rebuild from the fall. That's what they're hoping to use the third world for. Wipe out the first world, come to the third world as benevolent overlords and make them shovel the shit to keep the elites lifestyles going.

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That's exactly what it is. But that just shows their weakness, because they fear it, and for good reason. When real Americans rise up, they get the job done to completion. There is a rich history of that.

I keep saying, someday they're going to create the right set of conditions at the wrong time that focuses everything down to a high intensity beam that creates a spark, and that spark will turn into a fire that cannot be contained. We should have been there 100 times over already though, but eventually that flame will take hold. Eventually enough will be enough. It's inevitable. You can only fuck people over for soo long before they rise up, and not that fake rising up shit that leftists do as the bidding of their puppet masters.

The left are mongrel whores fighting as mercenaries, motivated by twisted lies and gimme dats. When real common folk are rising up for their lives and way of life from real oppressors, that's motivation and fortitude that can't be matched. That's when you get tooth and nail determination. At that point, no amount of pleads for mercy will stay the hand of retribution.

This is why they were soo harsh on Jan 6th, because it was a show of force, that while peaceful, reminded them of the true power of the American people, and the tiniest glimpse of that had them shitting their pants.

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Hell they even tried to retroactively take credit for stimulus that was sent while Trump was in office. They sent letters to everyone with a speech from Biden, as a retroactive receipt for stimulus that had already been doled out before he was ever in office.

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"Let me introduce you to Some People Who Did Some Things v. Unite The Right"

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They'll never collect it. But they will drain these poor people for whatever they can. Houses, cars, garnished wages, etc.

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It's open season boys. Time to get litigious. They're even still well within statute of limitations for everything they've already done.

If BLM has done damage in your city, look into filing a lawsuit for that, because as a local citizen, public property damage redirects your tax dollars and raises your taxes to pay for the damage, not to mention denies you use of that public property. You are principally affected since it is your tax dollars that fund the city. If businesses you used to go to went out of business, that is a tangible harm. If you've been physically attacked during a BLM rally, they are financially liable!

Sue. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Them.

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Seems like creating such a precedent would only come back to bite them in the ass eventually.

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And Wisconsin doesn't have the death penalty. This guy should literally be taken to court, convicted on day 1, then immediately taken to execution. His defense attorney was literally patting and rubbing his back! That's how fucking sick these liberals are.

Also, what happened to his accomplices?! There was supposed to be 3 guys in the vehicle.

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This case is just as much of a travesty as if Kyle was found guilty. The only solace I can take from this is that Ahmaud is no longer around. 3 white men in prison to stop one jogger from a lifetime of victimizing people is still a bittersweet victory in the end. Even at that rate, we'd run out of jogger's before we'd run out of white men to falsely convict.

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What are you talking about? He ran, then went to a house and lied to say he was homeless and waiting on an uber, then police caught up with him and arrested him right there. He does not feel the weight of his crimes. He did not even intend to get caught. He intended to run. Being a dumbass doesn't change the equation on anything.

Hell the only reason why he didn't attack the guy at the house he went to is probably because the guy who answered the door was bigger than him. Guaranteed if it was a little old lady, he would have forced his way into the house.

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A lot of people said after the Rittenhouse trial that made them change their stance on the death penalty, because of how crookedly he was prosecuted. But this case shows why the death penalty should exist. Sadly, Wisconsin doesn't have the death penalty, so this fucker is just going to get to sit pretty for the rest of his life in jail. They should bring the death penalty back for this guy.

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Sadly, I think Kyle is misguided on this. Lin Wood might have had a million dollars, but Kyle's bail was 2 million dollars, and Wisconsin requires the entire amount. That's not even including all the other stuff involving lawyering and court, or even security/support for him and his family. I'm sure things have largely relied on loans and such with that money being locked up for bail.

Lin Wood is no saint, but I can see how keeping Kyle in jail would be tactically sound, especially from a financing perspective. Kyle's defense cost is likely well over a million dollars now, and potentially even more. Just the last month alone was over $100,000....and he's been dealing with this for 14 months. So it may be closer to nearly the whole 2 million dollars.

After all the bail money is paid out to lawyers, security services, etc....there's likely to be little to nothing left. I think what Kyle is doing here is essentially trying to get Lin Wood to back off on claims to any of the money, which is why he's publicly calling him out.

Sadly it just shows how bad our system is. A person found innocent should be compensated for time spent in jail, no different than a wrongful imprisonment. Same with lawyer fee's. In fact, with how obviously malicious this prosecution was, they should be able to sue the prosecutors office for lawyers fee's. I don't think they're going to go that route because it would be a long complicated affair, otherwise they would have filed for it at the end of trial.

Kyle's real money maker is going to be defamation lawsuits, which they hopefully get on real quick. So his position right now is shaky, because that 2 million dollars bail money is going to evaporate pretty fast, if it isn't already for all the money already owed.

And of course there's the fight where that money was supposed to be specifically for Kyle's bail and legal defense and other stuff during litigation. So any excess money left over, Kyle may very well not be entitled to.

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This to me brings up an interesting question....is using the forward assist a provocation? Realistically, no. I would say the same applies even to reracking. Even if Kyle was reracking, that should not be provocation that shifts self defense onto the other person. After all, in that moment, Kyle had every right ensure his gun was functioning and ready to fire -- especially because he was surrounded by a mob and attacked seconds prior.

For him to not be able to do these things under self defense, would mean he would have had to leave himself completely exposed and unable to fire his weapon. To make such a thing illegal, would mean that anytime someone defending themselves needs to rerack or use the forward assist, would make it a provocation that loses that person self defense.

In effect, it would be like saying if a gun malfunctions, you can't fix that malfunction without losing the right to self defense, because it's painted as a provocation. It's about as silly as if saying that if a person needs to reload, they are being threatening to all around them by reloading. It's little mind tricks like these that they try to use to basically nullify the right to self defense with firearms.

And that exposes a real problem with the trial itself. They tried to turn reracking into a provocation that shifts self defense rights. That's a very big deal, because it's a "gotcha" that would have serious ramifications for people defending themselves if allowed to pass. It just goes to show just how hard Democrats and their lackeys are trying to water down and take away 2A, to the point that they want to illegalize performing basic functions to burn gun owners at the stake.

Realistically, Kyle never lost self defense rights. Gaige ran up on him. Gaige put his hands up, but Gaige also had his gun out and ready in his hands, with a finger on the trigger. Gaige injected himself in that situation, and did not adequately disarm himself to no longer be considered a threat. Therefore, regardless of what Kyle was doing with his gun, he would still maintain his right to self defense, while Gaige himself never gained the right.

The thing that makes this soo alarming though, is they will continue to use avenues like this in the future in an attempt to prosecute gun owners defending themselves, and people need to be ready to counter it.

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Floyd got a golden casket, but Kyle's got the golden ticket. /reeeeeee

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I keep telling people.....100 million could be dead and almost no one would be able to notice. You're not going to notice 30% less cars on the road, or 30% less people in the store. You just won't really notice.

China burned 20 million bodies last year, and no one batted an eye. They were running crematoriums on overload to the point they weren't even bothering to fully cremate them, they just went for a "good enough" approach, and mass buried what was left over.

Death is rare enough, that only something like 1 in 100 people should be able to say they know someone that died in a given year. Yet we see tons of people who have reported deaths. Even by random chance, you shouldn't even find more than ONE person in this entire thread reporting that they know someone who died this year, yet there are several.

What this tells me is that the death toll from the vax has to be well over 10 million.

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It's worse than that....how can a couple million natives lay claim to an ENTIRE continent? Once you look at it like that, it shows just how ridiculous their claims are to begin with. NY city has more people in it than there were natives on the entire continent. Nothing was stolen from the natives. In fact, if you combine up all the land natives have today, the amount of land their reservations encompass combined, is about as big as Arizona!

I've done these thought projects before, and I calculated that if every native alive today were to sell all reservation land for even just bottom dollar value and equally split the money, each and every native alive today would be a multi millionaire. And that's the low ball estimate. In reality, we're more likely looking at more than 10 million dollars per native. Not even per family, but per individual!

The US government was MORE than generous to them back when they gave natives reservation land, because they set aside enough for each and every one of their ancestors to have enough land to be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

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The real meat and potatoes of such a law would mean that the state would have to pay for the defense costs if they fail to win. That's important, because Kyle had to put on a million dollar defense to save his life, and the state isn't obligated to pay a penny of that. A public defender wouldn't have put on even 1/10th of the work the lawyers did in this case. If he had gone with a public defender, he would have been convicted.

I just don't see a public defender having the time and resources needed to properly take on such a case. They wouldn't have been able to overcome even half the tricks the prosecution played. It would have been a completely crippled defense with a bewildered bumbling public defender who would have been more interested in moving on to the next case, because their position will be that they don't get paid enough to go above and beyond or take their work home with them.

And there's only soo much a public defender can do before they run into budget and time constraints. They can't run mock juries to simulate jury responses to develop strategies like how Kyle's lawyers did. Public defenders can be ok, but the system have become soo complicated that public defenders simply aren't robust enough to fight a crooked prosecutor with essentially unlimited funds.

I wonder how much Binger spent on his prosecution. Probably more than Kyle spent on his defense. After all, we're talking about a well paid prosecutors time, not one but two, and two public servant police officers also being paid for their time to just sit next to Binger in court, crime lab specialists, secretaries, etc. From all the time spent on motions and witness interviews and gathering evidence and filing court stuff, this crooked prosecution had millions of dollars in funding behind it. All of that weight laid to bare on a 17yo, weight that would crush and financially wipe out anyone in over 90% of the population.

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