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Yeah, but still nothing anti-competition.

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Shit talking the competition is still not anti-competition. He sells his own product, if he wasn't convinced of its superiority he would improve it or quit and go work for someone else.

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Reality can be a hard pill to swallow. Maybe you're just an idiot?

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I am not convinced you can prove your own opinion. So it is probably in your self-interest to avoid any factual statements and continue as you have.

Talking shit about other platforms and being anti-competition are two very different things. Simpleton.

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Look at how the communists down-played their threat during the 1950s.

People are very much wrought up about the Communist bugaboo. -Harry S. Truman

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That is a great argument. I am now 100% convinced. Thanks for showing me the light, I don't know how I could have been so stupid before.

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Children should grow up understanding consequences or they become communists.

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AFAIK he has always spoken very openly in support of competition, what has he done to give you this opinion?

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You have made no economic arguments to support your claims, you have only attacked the intellect of those who disagree with you. Your argument is empty. Come back when you can tell the difference between government regulation of the economy and government enforcement of the Bill of Rights and natural laws.

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First we must abandon the word created by French socialists. It is free markets.

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Make doomers eat shit. Make Disney eat doomer shit.

Remember when they told us we couldn't do it? When they said our boycotts had no effect?

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Do abortions count as negative pennies? Lol

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I am seriously considering registering as a Democrat and going to work for big tech just to be seduced by one of PV's fine ladies.

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You fail to consider your government fucks around with you all day. After fucking around with illegals all night.

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