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Kind of foggy now. I believe this was in reference to NXIVM.

I stand corrected. The ring leader was sentenced to 120 years in prison. And just ordered to pay $3.4M to victims earlier this week.

I remember Trump taking a hard stance against human trafficking but since Biden took over, crickets.

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I love Mike Rowe. I met him at a conference a few years ago where he was the keynote speaker. He showed up to a happy hour the night before and we BS’d for a good 20-30 minutes. He’s just as nice (and witty) as you picture in your mind.

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My son’s daycare teacher was ordered by Corporate to remove her Trump vanity license plate (riding a tank, with an American flag in the background, holding a rifle). A parent complained to corporate and said it wasn’t about Trump, it was about the rifle he was holding. 🙄

I laid into the director of the local center (she’s based, has a son in the military). But her hands are tied because of corporate anti-gun policy. If it wouldn’t jeopardize the director and the teachers’ jobs, I would call corporate directly.

We really love the local center and teachers (we’ve been sending our 3 kids there now for over 7 years...and have another on the way). It almost makes me want to look elsewhere but we just love the teachers so much.

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I went to an all-boys Catholic high school. My junior year English teacher told us countless times to beware. There will be a war on whites - and white males in particular. This was 20+ years ago. He was ahead of his time...

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Don’t worry Ted Cruz will send help from his resort in Cancun.

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One of my first jobs as a teenager was a beer vendor in a ballpark. Did you know they’re Unionized? Yes there is a beer vendor Union.

I was required to belong. At intake, I asked HR what this form authorizing them to give some of my pay away. What if I don’t sign? She sighed and said then I couldn’t work there.

Fast forward about 5 years. Our commissions kept getting cut. Management kept hiring more and more beer vendors. They forced us to carry heavy cases of beer nobody drinks (Amstel Light? Seriously?). Want to carry a case of Bud Light? Gotta carry a case of Amstel too. I have back problems today that I’m sure are attributed to this.

I wrote an anonymous nasty gram to management and the union. Management posted it, along with their response letter in the break room. You should have seen the crowds of people surrounding it to read it. For DAYS. Everyone saying “yeah this union is bullshit. I want to high-five whoever wrote that.” I never admitted to it, and quit the following season. But that was one of my prouder moments. 😊

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Lol I love it but the machine gun would completely defeat the purpose.

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I used to be a fan of Tucker Carlson until the whole Fox News thing. Now I’ve been DVR’ing and watching Lou instead.

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Yes. The swamp is deep at the local levels too. The neighboring city to mine had 3 city council members arrested for corruption charges last year. And at the state level our state had a major money laundering/bribery scandal with nuclear energy companies.

Even at the super-local scale. A local golf course closes and was bought by my township like 10 years ago and turned into a park. Then about 2-3 years ago, the trustees had planned to develop the park into apartments. The public very vocally said no. They moved forward with it anyway. Turns out the main trustee also owns a construction company. Thankfully it was an election year, all 3 were voted out and the new trustees saved the park. They’re VERY transparent now. Or maybe I’m paying more attention.

It’s just incredible how widespread it is.

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Honestly this isn’t a surprise, for Hillary to endorse Biden. I mean, this isn’t the first time she endorsed a sexual predator for president.