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How does it hurt him if he lives a monogamous lifestyle?

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I took a look. Haven't seen any companies switch their logos over yet on linked in. Usually it's flooded by now.

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I forgot about "non conforming" as a gender. Yes. You don't follow every single social norm. Congrats. You are an adult who makes their own decisions.

That's not a new gender. Although nowadays people want bonus points for "adulting" what can you expect.

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Can't remember the last time I was in one

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AM and FM are modulations. Not specific frequencies.

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They made that fantasy rule clear years ago, 2X chromosomes accepts XY as women too

It's fucking hilarious.

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That looks like the map where concealed carry is recognized as not needing a permit.

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That's just so arrogant

1.) You think the creator of the universe listens, or cares, about your thoughts 2.) You think he's going to change his mind over you thinking hard about anything? You even believe there's a master plan. Your input is meaningless here.

It's going to take real people who actually exist here on earth to make anything happen.

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To be fair, their seating doesn't match being a normal healthy build who happens to be an above average height sized male.

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I do wish we had a better rail system in the US. It's such a great way to travel.

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gina carano is curvy.

That lardo is a guarantee of a mental illness.

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gina carano is "curvey". This sack of fat is a guaranteed indication of mental illness.

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I miss the Era where the freaks were 90s goths. That was a good Era.

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They think there's this Grey zone. They aren't 100 male or 100 percent female. They want to be a mix, or change that mix at any given time.

I guess they aren't aware they can deviate from social norms and it's OK. Men can have long hair, women can work in coal mines. You don't need a new identity for that.

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While she was holding a baby.

And they called that operation a success.

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Same here. That's why I point this out.

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