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Fun fact: CPR dummies aren’t allowed in FBI trainings anymore because they kept getting their dicks stuck in the mouth holes

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If it isn’t attached to a M134 Minigun what’s the point?

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Appreciate it, but I have a therapist who helps with that.

I need to be angry right now. It gives me an edge and helps me focus.

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Everyone knows the song and I soundly reject your appeal to willful ignorance.

Have a great day and keep your head on a swivel.

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Lefty copium so stale it tastes like cardboard

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Don't you just mean International Tranny and Faggot Dormitory?

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Biden has been in public service for over 40 years

Kek. And there are still some smoothbrains who think this is an indicator of values, not that a raving pedophile would utilize public office for private enterprise for 4 decades.

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Clowns clowning in peak clown world fashion.

This is like trying to extinguish a forest fire with a bottle of water.

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You put them there

Conservative Inc. put them there you dumb faggot. But sure, vote harder. You have no fucking clue how things work today, do you?

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Finger pointing and a really saucy declaration of “I YIELD MY TIME”

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Being silent ensures that no one knows that you get off on the violation of children.

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Fucking gold. Don’t forget Liz Cheney, the dried up lot lizard.

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Of course. Narcissistic faggots couldn't get enough of watching themselves in action.

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I did a deep dive on all the Stump the Trump videos once I finally pulled my head out of my ass and started following what was going on in this country. Even today these are still high energy as fuck.

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The signs are there.

Wine nights with their equally miserable single friends.

A leg tatoo bought with their economic stimulus check

Dying their hair as a substitute for having a personality

Cats. Lots of cats.

Reddit and Tinder as their most used apps

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Your actors, right on cue.

They’ve got the herd so brainwashed, I'm honestly surprised they didn’t just parade a bunch of purple haired faggots wearing dildo armor and waving Trump flags. Lord knows the alphabet agencies have more than enough of those to spare.

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I don't know, but she sure does love having that straight white person hair 😂😂

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