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It's all for the promotion of the transgender, lesbian and gay agenda and communism. Black people are merely used as a prop. The name is just a device to elicit feelings of guilt. There's no substance. Has as much weight as "cows are important".

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Neither does doing bicep curls with 5 pound weights the first time you go to the gym.

Just keep going. Walk if you can, crawl if you must. Just don't stop pushing forward.

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They ate the BLM bullshit and came back for seconds. Only a matter of time before they say coins are racist and start asking for Twenties for Trannies. Let them fucking burn.

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The red bucket is a perfect receptacle.

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Revolving Door immigration policy at work. What a beautiful time it was when Trump actually had the left and illegals shitting their pants about the prospect of deportation and stronger borders.

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In celebration of the verdict, Lugz will be releasing a limited edition jogging boot.

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Likewise, it’s taboo to discuss how the ratings scheme distorts content, or it’s simply taken for granted, because everyone in the commercial broadcast news industry is doing the exact same thing.

Industries like new media have always been about assimilating to the narrative. Their world becomes THE world, and they push what they do because that is the reality they want to normalize their world. Conscious, diverse thought and discussion are incompatible with the model. And the industry is top-heavy with sociopaths, megalomaniacs, grifters, race baiters and pedophiles.

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By far the worst.

Unequal opportunity, limited earning potential, zero ownership and a pacifier in the form of benefits. 5% raise a year won't even keep up with the costs of inflation. It's Gorilla Gluing yourself to a hamster wheel.

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Tell that to all of us who gladly endorsed another globalist cuck RINO like Youngkin. Screaming MAGA and then settling for another neocon faggot.

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Gonna be doing plenty of Spirit Cooking this Thanksgiving. Hoping it's his last.

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The cope is so thick you could pave your driveway with it.

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Yeah man. It's unbelievable how so many people don't have any kind of gut instinct as to whether or not someone is trustworthy. And they're praised for having a good heart. As if being skeptical/cautious about helping a stranger and caring about your fellow man are mutually exclusive.

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This dude was the real idiot. Skepticism is how you stay safe.

if I saw that on my Ring, I'm telling him he has 5 seconds to get off my porch or he can FAFO.

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🎵 This land is my land. This land ain't your land. So you can fuck off. To your shithole city. This land was made for purebloods only 🎵

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Just the race grifters. If I wanted advice from someone who chases a ball, I'd ask my dog.

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Actually say "end of quote" after reading it on teleprompter.

Bury evidence of Hunter's child porn

Don't take questions from media

Eat ice cream like a retard

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