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I am so so sorry for your loss, friend. What a giant of a man your husband was and still is. Because he still is that man.

I just lost my son to a full term stillbirth in December - and I am by no means telling you that to compare losses. Just that I have been in it for the last 3-4 months.

For what it's worth, I'm really proud of you for choosing to talk about him and keeping his memory alive. I will absolutely be praying for Mark as well as you.

You will see him again. I just hope the time until then can still be filled with moments of joy amidst the sadness, friend. We love you.

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Conspiracy these nuts in your mouth.

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I live about 800 feet away from these units.

So many shady tenants in these "luxury" apartment complexes that go for $2-$3.5k a month. Landlords DGAF about background checks - they rent out to total trash who sometimes pile up 3-6 deep in a 2 bedroom apartment. Spend their days slinging drugs with a seemingly endless convoy of lowlife pieces of shit coming through - giving them elevator codes so they can bypass any security measures.

And these are units mostly compromised of families and hard working adults. Security is a fucking joke.

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Thanks to your friendly neighborhood religion of blowing people into pieces.

I mean the religion of peace.

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Kek. Mockery is our civic duty.

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Not just any alien.

That's the Kenyan Cocksucker

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This is how you do it. It's like flushing out gophers.

Always call them the fuck out. Faggot clowns getting pissed because we're threatening to shut down the Big Top.

They can't fucking hide any more.

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LOL. Top kek. The groomers are full-on doomers.

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There is no such thing as rehabilitation for pedos.

No acceptance. No quarter. No ground given.

Only bullets, rope and flames.

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What an awesome message to read! I really appreciate you fren.

Believe me, I felt your prayers. My wife and I have absolutely been lifted up over these past months and don't feel like we've been doing this alone. It's the worst club to be in for sure, but the prayers have been a tremendous help. We definitely appreciate the continued prayers.

And I'm really proud of you for recommitting to your fitness. I'll make a note to periodically check in with you to see how the workouts are going. For what it's worth, fully embracing the days of small beginnings (especially the inevitable setbacks, missed days, etc.) has always helped me the most when it comes to rebuilding a healthy habit.

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Thanks bud. I truly believe my strength comes from Him though. I just don't know how people navigate through close personal loss without some kind of faith.

"Stay strong" has been one of the worst pieces of unsolicited advice I've received from people throughout all this. Just a dried-out cliché that does nothing to ease the pain and puts the impetus on me to show up stoically or mask my own grief.

I lived with a massive ego for a long time to cover up my own insecurities and inner pain and eventually I learned that humility was the beginning of wisdom and that humbling myself to know that God was my source of strength made life so much easier. It's allowed me to mourn my son almost every single day over the past 3-4 months and be totally comfortable with living in the pain. Because God's got me covered. Hope that sheds more light on where i'm comnig from.

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Every single Republican politician will CONTINUE to be spied on.

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"Mickey Mouse" is actually pedophile slang for slipping drugs into a small child's drink.

Pass it on.

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Same tactic the groomers are going for

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It didn't. America was raped and then we were told that we had the best sex of our lives.

The thing is, we never drank the punch laced with rohypnol.

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100% this. I'll keep saying it until I'm blue in the face.

Pedo Joe is a fucking Bobo Doll. He's too cognitively broken to know or give a shit about how much hate he gets.

The people you should direct all your vitriol and animosity towards are the scientists behind the one-way mirror.

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Brain scans have revealed that pedophiles have the emotional maturity and stability of a 9 year-old, which is why they pine for children so much.

I made all of that up, but it's likely true because they're evil subhuman fucks.

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They know that if they don't clap, they'll be Benghazi'd.

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About as useful as being a traffic guard on a wheelchair ramp.

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If you still have your kids in public schools, the government owns your kids and you're fine with it.

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