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Sadly the libtars will just go "Yeah, everyone is vaccinated against CoViD! They also drank milk in the morning, did the milk kill them?" which was their plan all along.

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Voting is broken in Georgia because of Kemp.

Vote them out!

He's the smartest man l know, but by G-d is he gullible.

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Funny enough, my exact political ideology is "Korwinism with Trump as king"

by KAGwave
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  1. You call me a russian shill, while you still refuse to see the ukranian shilling growing inside you. Just because you have a personal history with Ukraine, doesn't mean the rest of the US population needs to bear the burden of this artificial war. Just because welfare is a bad use of taxes (which l agree with you, as it's one of the nails in Argentina's coffin) doesn't make Ukraine's OnlyFans a good place to put american's money. America's money belongs to americans and should solely be used for the betterment of America. Veterans have an insurmountable priority over a rando country thousands of miles away from the US.
  2. Putin: - "Don't join NATO, Ukraine!" Zelensky: - "l'm going to join NATO" Putin: - "Doing so will ally you with forces that seek to destroy the remnants of the USSR, which include me, making that a declaration of war. Join NATO, but only under the condition that you will not have weapons of mass destruction on your borders aimed at Moskow!" Zelensky: - "l'm joining NATO unconditionally" Putin: - "So be it. l'll make sure you end up landlocked" (That last part was wishful thinking, l don't actually believe that Russia will make Ukraine landlocked)
  3. So you claim. Denying the funds to a country until they fire said prosecutor doesn't spell to you that absolute fuckery was about? You fear ethnic cleansing? Then go fight for your country! You don't see me cry about Argentina from the comfort of the mountains of Bhutan; l'm here, l'm becoming a doctor; and from within, l'm removing the scales from people's eyes to make them see the swamp (We're not at a civil war yet, but it will come... and even in that scenario, l think it'd be absolutely wrong for the US to give Argentina even a single penny which probably, as l'm sure also happens in Ukraine, would wind up in the wrong pockets anyway)
  4. One of the main reasons why we're all Trump supporters here is because we believe America comes first, we need America to put on the oxigen mask before we do. lf a mexican-american came to this page supporting the delivery of a small sum of a billion dollars going to help Mexico, he'd also be ostracised, and with good reason. You need your own Ukranian-Trump for you to support and don't hate on those who refuse to support your country when the US has absolutely no responsability over a rando east-european country. America will always come first here.
by KAGwave
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Do you enjoy having tens of billions of dollars from your taxes go to this war that sprung from the temper tantrums of a puppet president? l don't give a shit if Ukranians are white, green or blue. l just believe that if this Ukranian puppet-president wont surrender a war that he started, then he should be willing to pay the price.

Biden's son gets a made up job in Burisma and now red-blooded americans must die there to protect his interests. l say fuck that!

l never claimed to be American, because this website never states that you must be american. l'm from Argentina, a country that is terminally corrupt because of politicians very much in the same shade of corruption as Biden and your RINOs. l support Trump because the world needs someone strong to keep the bastards on their toes, but you keep supporting Ukraine and maybe the bastards will rig the ellections to give you Pence in 2032.

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Mental health facilities is where the lettered people groom them... and l mean both the LGBTQAAIP2 and the FBI-CIA-NSA retards

by KAGwave
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...but l want Ukraine to become landlocked. That'd show those fuckers the price of corruption.

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He must have been this close from adding "l'm afghan and my pronouns are he/him" XD

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Beg for billions of dollars to the US when Americans could give two fucks about Ukraine, be corrupt, deny the referendums made in Crimea and the other disputed territories, try to join Nato when they knew what that would unleash, make propaganda that Ukranians have a pillowy heart made of nougat while the russians are big bad wolves that eat babies, refuse to surrender when they're aware that it could lead to WWIII... это всё

"ы > i" (That means "Russia > Ukraine" in code)

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How they argue it in court: - "Ectopic pregnancies, retained miscarriage, septic uterus"

How they use it when it's legalized: - "My college classmate fucked me without a condom because l wanted to be cream-pied and now l don't want to have to miss a year"

Deny it all, l say. Let them suffer the consecuences of their lobbying. "You wanted third trimester abortion, now you won't even get it for ectopic pregnancies"

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Specifically a study mentioning 12.8% of the population retaining acquired immunity after 31 days of the second dose is here: SARS-CoV-2 Omicron neutralization by therapeutic antibodies, convalescent sera, and post-mRNA vaccine booster https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8722594/

...but here are other studies showing how the vaccines are dissapointing at best and criminally negligent at worst:

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...and here are other studies that focus on how the new strains have too many mutations for the old vaccines to be able to produce immunity:

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l hope Ukraine becomes landlocked after all of this is said and done; to show them that if you fuck around, you find out.

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He's wise enough not to stick his dick in crazy.

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Can someone tell them that we don't wish to tap the sign!

The sign: "It’s funny when liberal women reverse engineer healthy sexual behavior and they act like they’ve discovered Atlantis"

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"How could you tell?!"

"Because we have an itch on the back of our throats, we feel kinda iffy and we have, like, a really mild migraine... but if you don't get the vaccine we'll make sure you become unemployable"

"lf l was Superman l'd burn you all"

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This is the best way to reply to them. Not by telling them that they're demons, but by showing how cringe-worthy they are at acting like they don't get a panic attack when they have to call an Uber.

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Tranny: - "Your dad was a fucking failure..."

Transference is a funny psychological fenomenon.

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lf there was going to be any symbol for pro-Russia, why couldn't it have been the 'ы' letter? lt's present in the russian alphabet without being present in the Ukranian one. The entire latin alphabet is too much to post on social media.

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Them, when we talk about vaccine-related mortality: - "Those are one in a trillion. You're retarded and should get your bank account taken away from you"

Them, when they talk about the fatal cases of CoViD-19: - "Do you get sexually aroused when you hear about children dying?!"

l wish covid had been as deadly as they think it is; then, at least, there wouldn't be enough living to bury the dead and to whine about it.

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That's the most oddly specific 'has anyone else...' that l've ever heard.

A normal 'has anyone else...' would have been, 'has anyone else experienced shivers right after peeing?', or something like that.

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"You'll get paid the same if you do as good of a job"

l remember this burn to this day.

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...and the present day has proved them right.

The End.

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Differential diagnosis for that kind of hair loss: Syphilis. Source: l'm a year away from being a physician.

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