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Wasn't Trump just praising this guy recently? Wtf.

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Your logic defies my desire to believe this low resolution security camera image recorded in industrial fluorescent lighting at 12 frames a second.

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Fonts!? Fonts!?
Fren, Obama is like 35 in that picture!

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lolololol. Jeb!? Isn't that Globalist Rino Jeb!
Huh. The anti-DeSantis crowd kinda quiet right now.

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Tells you everything you need to know, right?
A they/them demon killed followers of Christ. Tell me how this world isn't biblically good vs evil, there is no other explanation for what we see every day.

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Public politicians, not average voters. That was the team put forth so of course they were all backing them. Kind of gay to use it against someone over a decade later.

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Somebody needs to help her, I think here is a lady trapped in there!

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He signed School Choice today taking the money away from the schools and giving it to the parents.... so I guess he's busy?

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Said he doesn't know what the cause is in the first 2 seconds.
This was at a press conference regarding incresaed flooding in Florida in 2018.
Not gonna lie, if I'm a Governor who has flooding in his state and millions in damages and the federal government is handing out cash for climate change bullshit... I'm blaming climate change.

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"never wanted to mandate it"
OK, he could have put policy in place to ensure people wouldn't lose their jobs over it, but he didn't. He had months to discuss implications on the populace and he never said anything other than how great it was. As CIC he could have mandate that soldiers wouldn't be mandated to get it. He never did anything to protect civil liberties, he just kept shilling it.
Down vote me but you know it's true.

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