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Funny how they talk about "readiness" as if the shots actually prevent COVID.

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Of course not. They need x number of voters to win elections.

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Dems are our enemy. Don’t go to Washington if you can’t grasp that.

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It's very easy to accuse someone of "moving goalposts" when you don't understand what they said in the first place. There's an important difference between saying people believe there is voter fraud, and using your own platform to show the evidence for voter fraud.

Tucker is good at representing maybe 75% of the movement. But that other 25% is really fucking important for his audience to see.

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Do you see the difference between these two statements:

"Here is the proof of voter fraud"


"Tens of millions of Americans suspect this election was stolen"?

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Har har har oh, that Tucker. A few more of these and I’ll forget he swept voter fraud under the rug and attacked Trump several times.

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Forgot that the prosecutor is literally James Comey's daughter.

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She's even got the Karen bob. Damn.

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“Handing the win to Trump”? Unless we’re talking about preventing voter fraud, the conversation feels moot.

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The one where the art and science of rigging elections with voting machines has three years to be perfected in time for the next election.

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The more attention people give something, the more important they will think that something is. COVID or whatever Fauci says isn’t important, so we ought to stop talking about it. That’s all.

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Of course. Laziness is our default state.

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Also denied the election was stolen.

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Cornyn voted to confirm Garland. This is theater.

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