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Next: the pearly gates swing wide open.

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Yes, the Egyptians were white.

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Don't give up beta males until there are no women left in sports!

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This should have been an opportunity to get more people to visit to hear the fouled-mouth fowls. The TV ads would have been great!

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Nitter maintains a copy of twitter. In most cases, you can just replace twitter.com in the url with nitter.net

Goal: Reduce traffic to twitter & increased privacy. They rely on traffic to make money & track you. By using nitter.net instead, twitter loses traffic, has less revenue and they can't track you.

For more info: https://nitter.net/about

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And as soon as all the small investors sell, the big ones come in and buy it all up. Typical fake news to make buying opportunity for the real controllers of wall street.

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The truth is always the opposite.

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He's totally serious, unfortunately (for his son).