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I did an exercise similar to this in my Women's Studies class in college (2014; university requirement)

My instructor was a female black supremacist

I'm a white male and grew up with a single mom... Things were never easy. I only moved a few steps forward and at the end of the exercise she was STUNNED

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I don't know what age bracket you're in, but I'm 27

Women my age can be complete ham planets and have RIDICULOUS expectations because they know all they have to do is spread 'em and a thirsty guy will jump

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Yeah, I was for certain he'd go scorched Earth with his decisions... Nah

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I like beer!

But Kav has been a complete disappointment

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Correct lol

My dad got audited by the IRS once... They want EVERY penny

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Yeah, when I heard that Elon was thinking about buying Twitter I thought at most they'd be worth $8-10B... and that was being generous

There's no way in hell they're valued at $44B

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Thank you for calling it what it is...

Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion

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I work for the second largest loan servicer in the country... Leadership is very woke

Today, in order to celebrate the Asian heritage month or whatever it's called, they put fortune cookies on every employee's desk

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He's working 4 hours a week?!?!

Still taking that beautiful six figs though

I worked in Silicon Valley for close to a year back in 2020-2021, this is all too real... I kept telling my superiors even though we secured $500M in funding, we can't operate a logistics/shipping department the way they were spending. I got the boot pretty quick from my director

They don't care. They're commies

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I got COVID back in February... I treated it like any other flu or sickness

Over-the-counter vitamins, lots of fluids, lots of sleep, and soup

I was back to normal in four days

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I would LOVE for you to explain to the class what makes you think Jr is a neocon

Please, do go on

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Convention of States

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Might be a little cold, but I'm sure the worms and maggots make great company

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