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You tagged me in a random post I haven’t seen or commented in to say that? Kinda goes against that you’re saying, doesn’t it?

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No, Israel lied about the Nazis the same way they lie about everyone else. Wanna know what books the Nazis burned?


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It’s an ethnic religion. It’s a tested population on things like AncestryDNA and 23andMe and the government of Israel uses DNA testing for citizenship.

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Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.

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Clark's father's family was Jewish; his paternal grandparents, Jacob Kanne and Ida Goldman, immigrated to the United States from Belarus / the Russian Empire

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Balanced budget

Term limits for congress.

End legal and illegal immigration.

Deport anchor babies.

Deport foreigners. Bill their home nations for the total cost of their stay and deportation, including school for children, past welfare, criminal restitution, and more.

Ban homosexuality.

End lobbying.

Mass deep state layoffs.

Jail and execute the swamp.

No more foreign aid (including Israel)

Bring home the troops.

Bring back rail freight and remove most long haul trucking.

Bomb Mexican bridges and infrastructure for allowing South Americans, Africans and Arabs to use them as a staging ground for invasion.

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Everybody should be demanding it but I didn’t see anybody else out there.

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They were but are upset he didn’t do mass deportations and completely seal the border like he said he would. He spent too much time trying to “work with” the GOPe and the RINOs, warning that they would fuck him over. And they did.

Also the inaction during the 2020 BLM riots.

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