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DeSantis would be best served to be Trump’s VP. If DeSantis and Trump simply announced that it would be game over.

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DeShabbos is Israel First and Florida is actively confiscating guns via red flag laws.

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30% of all Republican donations come from swamp monsters. 👌

I wonder how much they donate to the Democrats? 🤔


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Liberal Jews only vote sometimes and they STILL massively outvote “conservative” Jews.

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Are you stupid?

Latino is only 11% of the population. 39% is not a majority of the Latino vote.

Asian is only 2% of the population. 40% is not a majority of the Asian vote.

Other is only 3% of the population.
54% of Other IS a majority however it’s 1.6% of the population.

Imagine the red wave of whites were 90% of the population like in 1980.

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Jews on the left unite everybody against White people through Identity Politics.

Jews on the right decry identity politics and desperately try to prevent White people from uniting as a people to resist the left.

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