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Yet another reason to avoid flying commercial airlines because GE makes a lot of their engines

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You say that except you're not comparing what you're getting for the price. For example you get freshly cooked beef that was not frozen, freshly sliced big chunks of beefsteak tomato, extremely fresh and crisp iceberg lettuce, beautiful onions raw or grilled, simple American cheese, and a basic special sauce similar to Thousand Island sauce.

You can order the burgers any way you want, cooked any way you want except rare as long as the ingredients are available at In-N-Out. You can order a "grilled cheese" which is basically a cheeseburger without the meat. It's only a couple hundred calories and I usually order it with extra tomato and extra onion and extra spread and it's just as heavy as a double double and half the price.

The kicker is it's all served by clean-cut energetic and caring and well-paid people at a job that offers a true career path. As a result you don't have to worry about some disgruntled urban scumbag or illegal or tweaker mishandling, abusing, or doing something sinister to your food. It is a pleasant place to visit and watching them work is like watching a well-oiled machine

People who say the fries suck have never ordered them light well done. Try it ...they come out crispier. Personally I'm not in love with the fries but they don't soak up a lot of Grease. The potatoes are well taken care of, cleaned, and freshly cut and cooked multiple times per day. They come from real Idaho russet potatoes and not some processed potatoes in the freezer sitting in a bag. You can order fries animal style which is basically melted cheese and spread. You'll need a fork to eat it. The shakes are very good and the shake machines are cleaned everyday unlike other fast food places

With few exceptions In and Out burgers are extremely consistent because it takes at least six levels of promotion over a couple of YEARS before you're allowed to even go near the grill. The amount of training and customer service requirements would blow your mind.

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Quit Monday morning quarterbacking this one. The idiot cut him off blocked him, ran out of his car and up to the door probably did so in just 10 to 20 seconds if that.

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It's favorite game is "find the submarine in the chocolate cave"

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Is he worried about coughing germs into his boyfriend's ass?

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Adam Schiff is a mentally ill, bug-eyed, pedophile

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Of course there are reasons to boycott things made in communist China or sold by Amazon or Walmart or boycotting a number of things for any number of good reasons. The professional sports people are all the super wealthy and all because we have supported them... just watching them and buying their products when they have no loyalty to us. I laugh everytime I hear people use the words "our" and "my" when referring to a professional sports team who change players as often as most people change socks.

These people use a national stage constantly to degrade America and white Christian men in particular. They're still playing the black national anthem saying it is equal to the national anthem. It's like the people who say the made-up holiday Kwanzaa is equal to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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And before you faggots start telling me I have no right to tell you what you can or cannot enjoy oh, that's true. But what you decide to watch and do reflects on you. If you forgive the people that are trying to destroy this country and to tell you and your ancestors that their contribution which literally built this country with European roots, and made it the greatest country in the world has ever seen are nothing, then you are a moron.

If you think supporting professional sports is not that big a deal, then you are no better than a crooked cop who doesn't see the harm in taking a few bucks. After all what's the harm in letting the prostitution ring continue doing business or the drug dealer sell his poison to children as long as it doesn't affect you directly, right? After all you didn't do the kneeling or rioting, right? You're not the one treating down the statues of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Just because other people did doesn't mean that you have anything to do with it. Oh but you do. When you feed the narrative and give it credibility by supporting the people who supported the rioters and looters and people who pull down our statues then you lend legitimacy to their cause by default.

You supported the people that marched in the streets and threaten people in their homes and beat up people when they were just enjoying an evening out with their family. The people that blocked the streets and blocked ambulances and people just trying to get to work to support their family.

You are part of the problem if you watch professional sports. You are contributing to the problem and enabling the people that want to tear down the United States. Go to hell

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Just so you all understand I don't care what color you are I only care about how you behave, if you live in an area with less than 2% black population you'll find the black citizens who live there with you are normal Americans. People you would like to have a beer with or have over at a barbecue and be your lifetime best friends. They are not anti-social or what I consider criminal culture embracing, foul-mouthed scum.....they are normal Americans. And they live in such areas for the same reasons we want to.

However when you move to an area with more than 2% African American population you find that the black "community" groupthink and criminal culture takes hold and the result is extremely high crime rates.

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There are quite a few posts about that actually. There was recently a separate post just saying they didn't know they were Christian and showed an image of the underside of one of clear cups with John 3:16

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