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They don't even care Teddy is now an uncontroversial American figure. No one even complains about him. They just want to remove all our White heroes, White leaders, White history.

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Hey look. All I'm saying is if the I in AIPAC was a C instead and stood for China, that would be a little weird. We might start saying China has too much influence on American politics and life.

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They count A LOT of people who aren't White in the White census. I seriously think America is about 40% actual Whites at the moment.

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I 100% agree we need more God. A lot more. But this is blacks and Hispanics.

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Bruh. Do you even live in California? It's Hispanics. No one can say with a straight face that White junkies are the ones ruining LA.

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Yup. Why are democrat-run Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont quite nice?

White people.

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Hispanics are equally as responsible for ruining LA as blacks. And yeah blacks are third worlders too.

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This is what happens when you bring third world people in.

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If you take away the text, this is just sexual liberation propaganda.

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Doctors. Are. Evil.

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I have always hated doctors. I will hate doctors even more now that all the good ones are fired.

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In Africa they don't even have buses.

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Birth control was banned in America for all of history until Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood fought for it. You are sick if you want birth control to be legal. This is not what America is. America is anti-birth control.

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