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And all that money will be spent to pay ballot mules and other cheaters. I'd guess a good amount also goes to the media so they'll continue to cover for them.

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They also take their "assylum" claims, sign them up for welfare and other benefits, then find out where their traffickers want them delivered and route them there.

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Before Canada was completely lost, I loved explaining to Canadians how their food and drug regulation wasn't superior to the United States.

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There's several channels on YouTube where people pick up free or cheap broken generators and show how to repair them.

Open frame generators are easy to fix. For larger generators, I've found these guys to be life savers:


If you've got an Onan generator in an RV, I would rip out the OEM electronics, sell them on Ebay, and replace them with Flight Systems boards.

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Because of "emissions", regulators required that natural gas compressor stations be converted to electric instead of running off the gas they were collecting and compressing. Many of these compressors are located in remote gas fields. A tech I spoke to said he would often need to be helicoptered in to restart them because of road conditions.

When the blackouts started, some of these remote locations lost power and shut down. These compressor stations deliver gas to the systems that supply the natural gas power plants. A domino effect ensued.


Production and gathering systems are typically laden with water vapor thus increasing the likelihood of freezing problems. Transmission lines should be less likely to be affected by freezing since the gas has typically been through a treatment facility and a majority of the liquids have been removed. Typical water allowance is 7 lbs. per million Std. Cu. Ft., (roughly 1 US Gallon) which is considered to be relatively dry gas. Within the normal Local Distribution Company (LDC), the problems associated with freezing SHOULD be almost non-existent. However, price and demand of natural gas can also have an overriding effect on the presence of liquids in the pipeline, as was experienced in 2001 and 2002 in many regions of the United States.

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He stole a large piece of luggage, removed the tag and placed it in his own purse.

Airport records confirmed the navy blue Vera Bradley roller bag arrived at 4:40 p.m. but was missing from the carousel. So law enforcement reviewed video surveillance footage from the baggage claim area and observed Brinton removing a navy blue roller bag from carousel seven, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint says Brinton removed a luggage tag from the bag, placed it into a handbag he was carrying, and “then left the area at a quick pace.” Brinton arrived at MSP Airport around 4:27 p.m. on an American Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., but did not check a bag, meaning he had no reason to visit baggage claim, according to the complaint.

Police showed the surveillance video to the victim and she confirmed it was her bag.

Brinton left the airport in an Uber for a stay at the InterContinental St. Paul Riverfront hotel, where he checked in with the blue bag, the complaint says.

He returned to MSP on Sept. 18 with the bag in hand for a departing flight back to Washington, D.C., authorities allege.

Surveillance video from Dulles International Airport shows Brinton traveling with the bag on an Oct. 9 return trip from Europe, the complaint notes.

Police told Brinton how to return the bag to Delta, but as of Oct. 27 the victim still had not received her bag back.

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I remember when any discussion of "proning" was quickly shadow banned.

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My favorite part of Logan's Run, where the Sandmen would hunt you down when you turned 21 30.

"Perhaps you'll be renewed in Carrousel "

Carrousel is a lie!

There is no renewal!

Nobody's going to be renewed!

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Lobbyists for big food companies.

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Other than that, everybody I know who took the fake vaccine have not had any problems at all.


I'm guessing there was a lot of variation in lot strength or "quality". Manufacturing was rushed and the quality of workers was a big issue. J&J had a facility shut down because workers weren't changing clothes or taking showers between shifts.

Workers failed to shower, change clothes at plant with botched J&J doses: report

There's also that (drop a link if you've got it) site that tracks lot numbers and shows some lots are much more harmful than others.

Then there's the strict requirements for storage, handling and dilution that manufacturers and the FDA kept changing so shots were always available. I'd bet there was a huge loss of "effectiveness" from improper handling in all parts of logistics from the plant to the injection sites.

After all that, there's the heros at the injection sites that injected only saline after seeing what was happening and idiots who over diluted because math is hard.

Then there's the fact that it's easier to fool people than it is to get them to realize they've been fooled. Many suckers will never admit that they were suckered until it's impossible for them to hid it anymore.

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For some reason, every retired GM executive in Gross Point, etc. has a Fiero in their garage. It's like they gave them away as bonuses.

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