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Anyone member that family in Iowa that let their daughter get raped and murdered because they wanted some Tacos? I think the father designs orphanages in Haiti for the Clinton Foundation.

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Catholic Charities, Lutheran Services, etc. try to sell immigration services to the "refugees" they get paid by the State Dept. to import today. They offer chain migration legal assistance, for a fee.

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Then read the paper.

Well, you don’t know how to read. I’ve done this many times. I’ll even use the sources you provide to show where you’re mistaken.

Just remember, I’ve done this more than few times. I suggest you re-read the conclusions of these studies before you come at me with one.

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NGOs financed by Soros and his Open Society Foundation are facilitating this.

Member when Robert Francis O'Rourke was caught passing out gift cards to the illegals

Dominic Chacon, a field manager who works for O’Rourke’s campaign, was filmed saying, “I think we can use that with those [campaign pre-paid] cards to buy some food, all that [expletive] can be totally masked like, oh we just wanted a healthy breakfast!”

Robert Francis O’Rourke plans to run for governor, he’s a furry

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You talking about paying taxes or what?

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NASCAR is systemically racist for not having some kind of affirmative action program that would allow him to win.

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I'm going to guess that the National Pork Producers Council & their "The Other White Meat" campaign had something to do with it.

Trichinosis from under cooked pork used to be a pervasive issue and is still an issue in wild game.

When the powers that be decided to demonize red meat, pork producers saw their chance to gain market share. Pigs were bred to be lower in fat, but this meant the meat became dry and tasteless when cooked to the temperature needed to kill trichinosis cysts.

We were told that the industry had eliminated the threat of trichinosis by using a vermifuge pre-slaughter and the new, lower fat pork was safe when cooked to a lower temperature, but this internal document shows that the threat still exists.

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Search any chronic condition + parasites.

Crazy, huh>?

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Search any chronic condition + parasites. It's shocking. Almost everything I've searched returned at least a few legit studies, many returned dozens of studies.

Keep an eye on fenbendazole, too.

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Squirt the paste onto some parchment or wax paper and freeze it.

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Video that describes how ivermectin interferes with viruses entering the cell nucleus.

Here's a paper (from 2012!) that discusses ivermectin's action to inhibit the "donkey" proteins described in the video.

Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated nuclear import able to inhibit replication of HIV-1 and dengue virus

I'd guess that there could be some viruses that don't need those "donkey" proteins to transport them into the cell nucleus, but I don't know enough yet to confirm that.

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You forgot "Give me money to save you from Democrats!"

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We also need to cover the oceans in a layer of plastic because water vapor is the worst greenhouse gas and they are the largest emitter of ozone damaging chemicals.

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