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The DEMs are floating a trial balloon for Biden's removal in favor of Harris. The donors aren't on board.

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The tapes they didn't erase show 200k fraud votes placed in drop boxes. The rest of that video would double or triple that number. They have the cell phone pings. This is an easy case to prosecute but the DA, GoV, and SOS were in on the steal, and the DA at least is a SOROS drone.

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Moderna and Pfizer tanked hard the day it was announced the booster doesn't work. This guidance is just to subsidize the corporate bottom line of these companies. There is no medical reason for it. The covidians are trying to keep their faith, tyranny, alove.

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I was thinking of some of the ads he has done for the DNC.. there was also the voice over with Springstein. It's a paycheck I suppose, but not exactly neutral.

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Isn't this racist? I thought Morgan freeman was the voice of the commies (when he isn't God of course)?

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There are 41 ca school children, born and raised in the USA stuck in Afghanistan. There are thousands of us aid workers born and raised in the USA stuck in Afghanistan as hostages.

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Practically no one lives in N. Dakota to see it. Teddy Roosevelt basically founded the natural history museum and his statues removal is a national disgrace.

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The Democrat party and the communists that control it would have completely collapsed by now, and the rinos they bribe, except they haven't run out of other people's money, yet. The Federal Reserve and its ability to bankroll insane ideas through unlimited money printing is the only thing that enabled their power, and allowed it to continue for a hundred years.

Ending the FED and reestablishing a new gold standard backed crypto, this is the only way to save the US and the world. Money needs to be private and out of the hands of any governing body.

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Don't forget Gowdy and Chaffetz who helped keep the DEM side of the uniparty from being held accountable for Benghazi and other scandals.

Ryan gave both lucrative Fox contributor gigs.

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The DEMs keep trying to wrap their theft of elections in some moral crusade that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote as well as green card holders. There is something like 40-50 million illegal aliens in the country and millions more green card holders. Millions of them are already voting illegally for democrats.

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The population of our cities is over 50% illegal aliens and new immigrants/refugees from 3rd world countries. They aren't voting dem but when someone steals their vote they don't complain because of their welfare bribes. These groups are managed by the teachers and postal unions.

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He was like " far left is our new moderate, we have 48 out of 50 democrats supporting."

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We need to increase immigration from eastern Europe and Russia. Not enough non-gmo women in usa.

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Hawaii and Australia are interesting cases. Being remote island they thought they could bring COVID to zero and isolated from the rest of the world. They are both being run by socialists who have a large population of aboriginals who have a culture of remembering being decimated by foreign disease.

Not sure what Austria's case is but I believe there was a coup there so the government is run by cia/mi6 backed people and being used as a test case for Europe and to influence Germany into supported mandatory vax.

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The UK is backing off because Boris got caught partying maskless and conservatives aren't allowed to be hypocrites.

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Oil companies receive subsidies to research alternative energy and transition to ESG.

If we cut all regulation oil would be cut in half because Alaska has more oil than Saudia Arabia, untapped.

Corn is heavily subsidized, but the gains for cheaper meat is offset by the horrible damage ethanol does to ICEs.

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Governments throughout time have manipulated food and energy prices to keep people happy. This only works when the rest of the economy is producing excess capital and the cause of the high prices is speculation and not a shortage of goods.

Our economy has no excess capital, our debt to GDP is like 120%, and prices are high because of shortages both in raw goods, finished goods, and service labor.

Low prices are easier to bring up to retain capacity, for vital sectors but still require excess capital being produced by the the rest of the economy, think government cheese.

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It isn't enough not to watch, you have to convince everyone you know not to watch either.

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No, it is only from an fbi transcript. But the fbi lost the recording? More likely they forged the transcript like the Flynn 302s to blackmail mlk.

He was an adulterer with 40+ mistresses. But that is how you know he wasn't a soyboy commie.

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This is the way. This is the source of their power that enabled them to bankroll the destruction of every institution.

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