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So, women in their prime breeding years who are being told not to have kids, and once they do, being told to give them up to the state and rush back to work so they can afford iPhones, aren’t mentally well? WELL WHTYA KNOW

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It’s obvious he is kissing the boys cheek. It’s a little weird. Joe’s a fucking creep and a pedo, but this is him consoling his grandchild at a fucking funeral. Didn’t that kid’s dad just die? Maybe he’s not reacting cuz his fucking dad just died? There’s tons of creepy videos and pics, this is the least worrisome of them all.

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Holy fuck can we get an archive link? My phone caught aids trying that site

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Most carbon is being produced by cruise ships and tankers. But you don’t see these hippy globalists talking about shutting down their trade routes or kid smuggling.

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I need a compilation of Trumps best speeches. Make a d copy so i can teach my daughters the truth about America’s history.

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Milo is a jerkoff attention whore. He has his 15 minutes and is now struggling to stay relevant. It’s unfortunate. I liked him. Even bought his book.

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Tons of murderers are released. Even cop kills. Should these cop killers be released and given guns? Come on.

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Another shooting with a rifle. Right as they’re trying to take rifles away. Wild...

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This video was posted to this very site. So fucked. He couldn’t breathe before an officer even fucking touched him. In his own car!

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Country wide, 1000 more blacks were murdered in 2020 than 2019. A direct result of protests of Floyd’s death, and defunding of police. Imagine thinking that’s winning. Morons.

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Dressing ‘scary’ doesn’t constitute a crime.

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Pussy alert! Pussy alert!!!!

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If white people were half as racist and hate filled as the media says they are, there would be no more racial problems in the country. The awful white peoples would just eradicate their problems. But, they’re fucking liars.

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Your bravery is admirable. Stunning and brave. If i wasn’t super straight I’d ask you out.

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Maybe him and Kim Il will get along. So much in common

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