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I agree. I'm fine with having an x, y, and/or z only because how fake everyone around her was during the 'shooting' - I think she was in on it.

In addition to the video's commentary about Babbit's behavior before the 'shot', it seems A LOT of critically injured gun shot victims straighten out and even cross their legs while dying. She was like a rag doll while still moving around and responding.

Then that last shot of her on the gurney:

  • face turned specifically towards the camera
  • much more blood on the other side of her face
    • not even good looking blood - too bright red
  • passing very close to the camera man
  • not covering her chest while 'working' on her
    • or was it that they covered her nipple:
      • is it possible to effectively perform CPR while covering a nipple? Doubtful.


Heads Up: Ashli Babbitt ‘died’ around nothing but crisis actors. What do you think?

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Taxes on gasoline and diesel are already taxes by the mile, per se.

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Mind changed.

The only questions I have are:

  • Where is ‘Ashley Babbit’? (Is she even real?)
  • What about her husband and family?
  • What of their lawsuits?
  • Are there accounts here excessively pushing this narrative?

For other readers: I will include this in my comments going forward. It needs to be seen here often.


Note: Ashli Babbitt ‘died’ around nothing but crisis actors. What do you think?

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I wonder how many jabs are placebos - meant to:

  1. Depopulate most but not all (and/or)
  2. Hide the depopulation purposes (and/or)
  3. Allow for figureheads to take “the jab” and remain unaffected
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Just playing out the lusts of their father, the Devil.

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What if Hell is cold but the nature of God’s wrath were continued, renewed, and unending pain, at the most, perhaps, discrete level of one’s existence - the sheer volume of pain would feel like fire… at least until the damned are actually cast into the Lake of Fire… whose fire might actually distract the damned from their damnation.

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I wonder how many of her ilk have red somewhere in their profile pics.

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At least their upfront about who is the source of their righteousness.

Too bad it means others have to deal with them.

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There is nothing 'petty' about rewarding lying under oath for the advancement of one's own personal gain.

They are clearly, and unashamedly:




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Wow - she unilaterally convicted them of "overthrowing" the government... and then didn't sentence them accordingly.

She's a Hell-bound disgrace.

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This isn’t ‘economic illiteracy’ - it’s maliciously wrong.

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