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Kind of amazing how many people showed up

No. The blatant fraud should have brought the whole nation. The number of people who showed up was pitiful despite what the dot wins said to raise moral. The people who DID show up were awesome though. Great vibes. No masks. I've never been on planes so chatty before.

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The fact that this front page is NOT dooming like GAW is highly suspicious.

Trump betrayed our trust again. I'm off the train. I voted twice and went to DC on J6.

Time to put my attention and energy elsewhere.

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A bit of both. Self fullfilled prophesy by the Satanists who love that sort of thing AND real divination.

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Everyone has a "most likely to defend themselves with force" ranking.

And probably all sorts of other analytics like "boot licker score".

To take it even further, we might all have DIGITAL TWINS so they can run "what-if" scenarios.

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making

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He does a video broadcast featuring the Kraken Cthulu alien race who then reveal their intention take on the hidden Luciferian Annunaki Lizard race.

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Depends on what he has to show.

If it is his run for presidency, I'll be finally convinced he's just an illuminati pawn.

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If his announcement is any level of "meh", then nothing he says in the future warrants any hopium.

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I'm not voting again. Showed up to DC on J6 and he slammed on the people that came to support him.

This announcement needs to be something that finally deals with the voter fraud or an equally damaging blow against the principalities that rule the earth.

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the way things are now

Which means his announcement needs to be something that changes the way things are now. Hyping anything less than that is shit.

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Feudalism never ended. We were just given the illusion that we aren't still slaves.

Dark sorcerers have ruled for at least 5000 years. The Sumerian billionaires who moved into the shadows of Rome are still here today.

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I agree, but if as a culture, we can barely articulate more than "THE JEWS", then we're still gonna be stuck for a while.

We need someone to jump onto the scene in a similar way that Jordan Peterson did, but with a deep understanding of the occult dealings of the ancient bloodlines.

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Blowin' It is how her lips got blue. HONK HONK

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I don't want to be dead

Signs up for assisted death.

He could water fast for probably 3 months off of that gut and heal himself in the process. But no, he's gonna take the lazy pussy way out.

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You just mad because the DMT elves haven't tickled your butthole yet.

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I've been diggin' what Michael Tsarion has to say about Lemuria in contrast to Atlantis. Go torrent his Origins & Oracles and Irish Origins of Civilization DVDs.

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"The Jews" are just one of the many priest classes for the ancient hidden bloodlines.

Who do the Rothschilds serve?

Throwing out words like archon / annunaki / ancient aliens / gods / lizard people / Satan isn't good enough. We need to find their equivalent of Chrono Trigger's Black Omen Fortress where the true sorcerers are pulling the strings.

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Every resident and employee I came across during 1/6 was wearing a mask. It was disgusting. Thankfully 95% of us domestic terrorists were maskless.

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