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The deep web is the portion of the Internet that is hidden and not shown from conventional search engines. The dark web is a subset of the deep web which is intentionally hidden. To access this, you require a password, encryption, or specialty software like Tor browser.

I always get the the two confused. Dark web is the place where you buy drugs online with .onion links. Like the Silk Road that was popular a few years ago.

Since thedonald and dot wins are shadow banned from Google and all the silicon valley sites, I think that basically counts as being a part of the deep web.

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Not everything being sold is by evil people.

Adobe is a huge scumbag of a company, but their competitor's version of photoshop is on sale right now for $40 for life instead of a monthly subscription. It's super polished:


Probably some great VST plugins on sale right now too.

Topaz Labs' upscaling AI software is on sale:


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I convinced me Swedish friend after about 2 months of back and forth. He decided against getting a second shot even though he needed it to do big money business deals via air travel.

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I’ve been bald since 17. Full on bald. I’m not interested in trying anything that isn’t a world news cure.

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You’d put your life on the line. A serious promise. Like the one that a majority of women in marriages break.

Til death do us part.

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I can’t stand the guy. As a bald guy myself, I don’t respect baldies who refuse to show their heads.

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I think they are legitimately tapping into an energy source. I don’t know enough to say if it is a positive or negative force. I think it may be something accessible to everyone, but it has just been occulted and most don’t know they can tap into it.

Kind of like how some artists say that they download inspiration from metaphysical muses. The “universe” imparts knowledge on them.

Good and bad people could put this access to use, but the bad people occult it so that they are the only ones with access.

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These dark humor dead baby jokes aren’t just make believe. The clowns are killing babies through c-injections.

But we’ve done nothing about abortion after all these years.

And we do nothing about the millions of animals that are tortured daily.

We are desensitized to a lot of evil.

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Jerry is into TM. Transcendental Meditation. It’s a branded thing.

David Lynch makes lots of Satanic media and is a huge evangelist for TM.

I haven’t looked into who David hangs out with, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it is Illuminati folk. And Jerry invites all sorts of cabal onto his coffee show.

I’m suspicious of them both.

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I agree, and feel all high and mighty about being a pure blood too, but the gravity of this keeps reminding me that all my other “little” sins are going to kill me too if I don’t get my act straight.

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Notice her tattoos? She’s a sheep. And where is Dad? She’s for the streets.

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Great point. The first I’ve heard someone suggest this.

I wonder how many people hope the c-injection is assisted suicide?

by Ponzo
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Spielberg is a Jew isn’t he?

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They can’t handle the truth. Out in the real world you don’t have a safe space where you can rage quit and hide as soon as you are triggered.

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Should have worn a tin foil hat like Alex Jones did on Tim Pool’s show.

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Trump bragging about women throwing consensual pussy at him is evil.

Dozens of photos and videos of Biden being inappropriate with children is fine.

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It’s like the nice-ifying of the parade massacre into SUV accident.

They are casting magic spells with their words. Black magic.

Probably using AI analytics to tighten up on what tags are most effective.

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Symptoms of TDS include getting as many lethal injections as you can.

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paid a lot of money for those tix

Pay for stupid games, get stupid prizes. Betting she and her boyfriend also had to be vaxxxed for those front row seats.

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