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And 100% of the 1.6% were Democrats.

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She'll be proving people wrong without my money.

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PSL signs are the work of Bob Creamer, Scott Foval, and Benjamin Crump. They orchestrated the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown riots too... funded by the Dept. of Justice Community Relations Bureau. The DOJ gets the money from offshore accounts held by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, which have no Federal oversight.

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Clott is so smart his brain doesn't have room for common sense.

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McCarthy should reinstate the House rule killed by Pelosi that head scarves are not allowed.

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it completely changed my feeling of imprisonment into a feeling of freedom ?

So he admits to a little more than just scientific analysis. I never understood what that guy's appeal is besides his claim to be smarter than everybody. He's just a tedious, self-absorbed little man to me.

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Once this became political, they created winners and losers. My sister a "SCiEntIsT", still refuses to allow her H.S.- aged children to see their grandmother because she sided with me and refused the vaccine. Fuck these people.

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That's the same timeframe doctors "cured" hysteria in women by using a dildo on them

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First, Fauci kills them with AIDS, and now he's giving them Monkeypox and VAIDS

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NO! THESE PEOPLE DESTROYED OUR SACRED CAPITOL!!! It took 2 whole hours to rebuild it after the waste baskets filled up and they stacked empty water bottles on the floor.

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When you have a pair of balls and stand up to the communist authoritarians, you get rewarded with high approval ratings. (ex: GEOTUS and Ron DeSantis). Many of those "Republican strategists" are liberals pretending to know what policies America supports... like Kevin's boyfriend Frank Luntz. They're liberal swamp makers tasked with scaring Republican candidates into thinking to get elected they must cuck themselves and have more liberal views.

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They knew exactly what Trump had, told him to keep them and asked him to put an extra lock on the door - then raided Melania's panties drawer.

They don't know how much more Biden has, and they still refuse to raid him.

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Exactly, some obviously didn't read the article..

it's not about your gas stove... it's about the government using smart monitors in your home and all public spaces to regulate indoor air quality, punish you for non-compliance, and scoop up even more personal data about you to regulate you.

...And then the Republicans "compromise" with "bipartisan legislation" that allows the government to regulate all public and private indoor air quality but they get to call it a "win" because you get to keep your gas appliances.

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"Standing by her" ... in the back of the line.

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"just discovered"

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Lefty Greenwald lives in Brazil. He's about to swallow a giant red pill.

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I'm old enough tp remember the 78,000 IRS agents the House voted to defund... The Senate already said they will ignore it.

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