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Yeah, they still need internet. But, they have none of the censorship or surveillance problems.

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Pro tip: Many of the glowies have just been beaten into submission by the system, and know what they are doing is wrong. This is an excellent strategy - if you can somehow crack their conditioning/brainwashing and get them to understand that they are doing evil, they might have a breakdown. Best case, they “infect” a few colleagues on the way out.

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Look at that little bitch (the brown one).

Time to stop being polite to these emasculated wimps, folks. They are indeed the most degenerate members of society, because they have abdicated their duty to not be bitches.

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The ends don’t justify the means, bitch.

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Well, I suppose that depends on who yer seditionin’ against.

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Being the party of hate and a subsidiary to a death cult has nothing to do with it, I guess?

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Hmm, only one of those arrangements has a functional purpose.

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“We’ve gotta lead it?”

Good luck, you corrupt weasel.

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Oh grow up. They’re going to lose without widespread arrests ever being a thing. Participate in local politics. We got this.

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Suckers everywhere. It’s too bad.

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Yeah, a lot of suckers in MAGA, what else is new?

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