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Im aware of iq differences, but its not the primary reason for violence or murders. If it was, there would be a spade of downsyndrome mass shooters. There is a correlation between low intelligence and lack of conscience, the latter being the bigger issue.

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Pedophile for President, who was placed there by fraud...

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You do realize that's where the majority of his death threats would have come from right? You could argue that you shouldn't placate those people, but he's very young, and most likely if he's ever killed, it's going to be by one of those low iq savages.

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I completely agree. A lot of those doctors kill babies, so, yeah. I understand both sides, I get the argument of it's a slippery slope. I also saw an abortionist doctor running for office, as a Republican, a couple months back. I saw it on here, she was treated very nicely, and with respect. Now that, I had a problem with...

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You don't have to, it's none of your business, it's none of mine. What is our business, when they use our taxes on it, teach it in schools, force us to use their pronouns, which is LITERALLY misgendering them, and forcing girls/women to compete against men.

If people of age, want to chop their cock off, that's upto them, it may disturb me, and disgust me actually seeing it, but it's none of my business, on the merits. That being said, I have absolutely no doubt, that me minding my business on the issue, is enough for most of these people. Also, I've seen Becky around alot, she seems pretty cool to me.

Edit - Is not enough for these people...

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They didnt specify thats the percentage of risk for teens. You were supposed to assume it was, but technically they can say otherwise. Cool.

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Its the equivalent of your Republican party, also mostly Linos.

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They arent forcing it yet. This is fake.

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Chauvin should have gotten off his neck/back when he had no pulse, within five seconds...Tony Timpa was far worse though. Watch for 5 seconds...


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