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I used to enjoy NPR content pre Trump. When they became radical commie scum I stopped listening to their programs. Sad because NPR Planet Money and some of their cultural stuff was really good.

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Sorry buddy. Hope you’re doing better. At minimum the veil has been lifted so we can all see who hates us.

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Geez the ruling is only 3 years late, after Democrats destroyed countless careers and lives.

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The democrat propaganda/hate account bots and trolls are big mad. That’s how you know this is a good update.

The communist democrats can’t hide their fraud any more.

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Go bother someone else you Democrat propaganda account

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Those are the same two faggots that harass Bannon outside his court appearances. Rent-a-shitlib.

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Look shitlib, if Democrats are FOR it. That's all I need to know about it being "fair".

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What about the part where Democrats stole the fucking election. Thus his involvement to overturn said fraud being completely justified.

When and where does the Civil War pop off boys? I'm ready.

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Democrats: Everyone I disagree with is a Russian! While they literally collude with the Chinese communist party.

Democrats are traitors, every single one of them. Below human value.

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More cheating. Minnesota you must stop this!

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Right. What’s taking so long..?

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I wish her a painful death. May she rot in Hell for eternity.

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