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Seriously... this would make ALL of this insanity worth it. Trump has said many times he doesn’t forget.. and he gets revenge. 🐸

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Trust me, I have doomed and cried MANY times since Nov 3 😅 I am happy I could give you a dose of hopium. You are not alone. We are all in this together.

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Me too!! 🐸🐸

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Take a deep breath. First of all, your feelings are valid. This has been beyond frustrating. Not just because we are “right”, but because we understand that this is a much larger fight than R vs. D. It is so frustrating to know that we are at war with China and the NWO... when our lib friends and family truly have no clue. Brainwashing runs deep.

Evaluate the situation. Trump has NOT conceded. He told us that the BEST is yet to come. Look at the facts: there’s 20,000 troops in DC. Thousands of troops stationed across the states. We know they aren’t for Trump supporters because 1) we are not deranged people getting paid to riot and 2) Trump specifically asked us to stay away. They literally put up barbed wire fence around the capitol.

WHY all is this for a virtual inauguration?!!! The most reasonable explanation is for the mass chaos that will occur when Trump remains in office. Antifa/BLM/crazy lefties are going to rage.

I can’t say this with 100% certainty. But I do trust Trump. He has kept his word on basically everything. Wait until the 20th to doom. If Biden gets sworn in, it is time to panic. But I’m not convinced yet of that. Nothing about the setup in DC is adding up.

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Why would the opposition want to teach people how to think critically / for themselves, do their own research, ask questions, and expose themselves as satanic pedophiles? If Q is a controlled opposition, it was a shitty one because all it did was create a group of millions of people who hate the establishment and its leaders even more than they already did.

I don’t understand all the hate for Q. The drops do not tell people to “do nothing”. Trump supporters have done everything they can legally (calling and emailing state reps, organizing and attending rallies, bringing awareness of conservatism to colleges with organizations like Turning Point, etc). People who support are mostly peaceful, non-violent, normal people with families and jobs. BLM and Antifa violence exists because these people have no jobs, no lives, are likely mentally ill / unstable, and are getting paid to be there.

Q has made a positive impact because it opened people’s eyes to the disgusting pervertedness of the elite that goes way beyond just cheating elections. We are at a point right now that is truly good vs. evil.

If you want to do something more, then do it. Q supporters are not stopping you from this. There’s plenty of other Trump supporters who do not believe in Q so there’s still plenty of people to support whatever you think is necessary to fight back. Just realize that Trump supporters are not going to be the first ones to immediately suggest civil war.

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I love watching the rallies. I have also cried, specifically the MAGA million March back in December. It was so beautiful seeing all these patriots gathering peacefully and promoting love 🥺🇺🇸

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Absolutely. Ever since I became redpilled I have been looking at movies/tv shows a lot differently now. I actually had never seen the Matrix until about a month ago... that one really tripped me out 👀

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Explain to your sister that Nazis used propaganda to brainwash the masses into thinking Jewish people were the problem. How can Trump be a nazi dictator when he has zero ownership in MSM and they all actively hate him? It is all owned by the left. All major MSM networks and online/print publications roll up to 4-6 companies which gives people the illusion of choice. The only outlet Trump HAD to speak directly with his followers was through social media, specifically Twitter. One man’s Twitter feed is not enough to brainwash the masses. But a constant barrage of hate from MSM and celebrities/pop culture (SNL, for ex) is very effective in brainwashing.

The white supremacy argument falls apart really quickly when you look at the actual FACTS. Under Trump’s administration, black & brown folks had the lowest unemployment rate in decades (pre China Virus). He got the most votes from minorities for a Republican candidate since the 60s. Granted, it’s still a low percentage compared to Dems but that probably has a lot to do with the constant propaganda that he’s a white supremacist nazi. He has worked on criminal reform and letting people out of long term sentences for minor offenses (the very offenses that Kamala Harris put black people away for decades for)

You could also mention to her that BLM funding uses the same campaign platform as the DNC. They have raised MILLIONS of dollars over the past 2 years... yet none of that money has actually gone to improving black communities. In fact, local BLM chapters across the country have been vocal in the fact that they have received zero funding from the top. BLM has been requesting a meeting with Biden which has been repeatedly ignored. Also, one of the co-founders is a trained Marxist (aka she’s evil because only evil people could actually think what Karl Marx wrote about is a good idea for society).

Then there’s the fact that Joe Biden is extremely racist and has been for his entire political career. He was strongly against desegregation in schools. He called black people predators. He regularly says offensive/racist statements. He stated there’s no diversity of thought within the black community. Here’s some others:

“If you vote for Trump, you ain’t black” “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids” “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” (Talking about Obama here)

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WTF Ted? Wow, I actually fell for it- I thought he was on the good side.

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Love my president. He is a courageous patriot who loves this country. Let us all pray for him and his family 🙏🏻

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I have really enjoyed his fireside chat interviews, and I agree he sounds very sane to me.

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Praying for your mom. 💜🙏🏻 You are doing the right thing.

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WTF? I just called the GA fraud reporting hotline and the guy didn’t seem phased by this at all. He said no one has called in about it and that he would “leave a note”

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It’s definitely normal to take a count, but very strange that she prevented anyone from being in the room when she did it. She also could have waited until less people were there instead of making everyone wait even longer in line.

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You did the right thing even though it feels pointless right now. I’m a poll watcher today feeling similarly to you (am I wasting my time?) but I am actually the only Republican here (you can have 2 watchers per party) so thank goodness I showed up anyway.

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