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This was going to be passed regardless... The alternative is a collapse of USD Collapse of USD is coming... just not right now.

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Probably not … but they will supply weapons to anyone wanting to hit US.

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MN AG is a corrupt piece of shit. His son sits on the city council. Son routed the BLM/ANTIFA crowed while daddy made deal with corrupt MN officials to persecute Derek C.

Inner Twin cities are ripe with black folk who are owned by Dems/DFL scum. This modern day Negro is chained to the liberal overlord.

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Pretty much a bunch of Slav hating Anglo-Saxons.

Look at the top heads of US/UK intel world. They are all of Anglo-Saxon descent. They are the Nazi’s of the english world.

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that and they see themselves as part of “Black” culture whether out of ignorance or slave mentality when they should first and foremost identify as Americans.

I’ve never met a “black” person that said black culture is great.

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MN is Red but Twin Cities corruption pulls it Blue. Also, add DFL to the mix and you got a perfect receptor for corruption.

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… and everybody dislikes Blacks. This will be interesting. Maybe one way of getting rid of blacks in the cities is to import a bunch of Hispanics.

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Maybe that’s why several banks have collapsed. Hiding the trail…?!

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The 2-3 Trillion green new deal bill that they passed did in fact create a whole lot of new positions in the “green” energy sector.

Solar panel installer- free training, no education req, ~$30+ to start. There are many other energy sectors that are paying good $$$ for positions that require zero experience. These positions were created due to the bill.

Have you been driving around lately? More women seen doing light duty road work. Incentives were in the bill to hire more women for grunt work in support roles.

Also, jobs lost during covid - some returned after 2020 coup under Biden.

So yea, there are def exaggerated numbers but mostly true.

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It’s more than a battalion’s worth. Current raw estimates for American passport holders are ~4,000 kia. Largest group of mercs kia are Poles with about ~10k

This is just based on I.D.’s from the corpses.

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Yawn… wake me up when someone finally gets jailed or thrown off a chopper!

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Must've laundered that money to Ukraine... 10% for the Big Guy !

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From what’s being said… Russia’s PMC Wagner is supporting the 100k Sudan’s Quick Response Force in various ways. Mostly in advisory role. Wagner has been waging war in Ukraine against NATO trained Ukrainian Army. They are kicking ass in Ukraine with an 8:1 kill death ratio. So, QRF is benefiting quite a lot from Wagner’s advisors. QRF is advancing very well against current government forces. QRF is expected to overpower government forces and seize power.

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American conservatives are pussies. A whole lot of talk and passive aggressive behavior… that’s as much as you can expect from them.

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