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Court case would cost just as much, even if he won.

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Just HAD to toss race in there at the end and poison the well a tad bit more didn't ya Jimbo?

You either glow or your IQ is lower than most leftists...

Was completely with you until you had to slap those two unnecessary words in.

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As much as Government fucks everything else up, they need to stay away from religion.

Further the take away from this should be, and is always missed, the FBI knew of because they know about everyone and everything we do.

When everyone is a threat, no one is.

Disband the alphabet agencies.

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They show snips from it, from chaz, from Kenosha and others and referred to them as examples of a time of extreme polarization that led to the Eugenics War which gave us Khan.

Something that has been in Star Trek lore since the original series.

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No. They showed riots from recent footage that was cheaply licensed and readily available and attributed it to an incident first written about in the 1960s.

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There is nothing MAGA about this gun grabbing, child abuse endorsing, Oprah bot.

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Routine - but pretend they've never done it before.

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Because lawsuits are fucking expensive even when you win.

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We mocked sane people that wanted to go into education starting in the 60s with shit like "Those who can do, those who can't, teach"

This led to ~15 years of insular growth among the liberal class in the space. To the point that they became exclusionary of competing thought. At the same time we centralized control of our educational system in DC starting in 1981 with the creation of the Dept. of Education (and sadly many today assume no one in the US got a public education prior to it existing.) The big government, top down philosophy then got tied to funding - so it was reinforced.

Lather, rinse, repeat, for 4 decades and you end up with the marxist leninist central planning devotees throughout the sector - sadly that we created by adopting communistic centralized planning and control while winning a cold war against a nation drive to bankruptcy because of their dependence on it.

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Why do we keep saying $40B? Didn't we JUST give them $30B a month ago?

That's 70 in my book.

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I got told I was a lefty shill for bringing her up whenthe Wizard of Oz got the endorsement.

I'm MAGA not Trump gets to be King.

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Because he loved peace and ass kissing so much he allowed a year of riots, locked down his own people, and when they spoke up for them refused to sign a piece of paper to free them.

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Why do you pretend someone who seeks to be an actual journalist should be attacked for daring to try to be objective?

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If some of you fucks fought this hard against your enemies you might make progress toward a goal.

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