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It's your divisive rhetoric that is getting the backlash. To state the obvious.. The more the Citizenry is divided = the less we are United. The war is against the FEW who try to pull the strings.

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been saying this same shit for years.. But that sweet sweet big pharma $$

Ban corporate lobbyists Term limits for all elected positions

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For safes, check out stores like Tractor supply if they are in your area. If you hit Cabelas/bass pro expect to pay a premium. Check to see if there are free CCW courses in your area. Great training even if you dont ever apply for a ccw.

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Good life lesson right there, Pede.

Aka: Never put a Human on a pedestal.

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Yep. Dude has since deleted the tweet.

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If I am not mistaken.. these are the 2 brothers that are on Crowder’s show. Based n hilarious AF!

by T_tOSU
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