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By we're not part of that policy I mean that we are the peasants that get stamped on. We don't agree with the policy of totalitarianism.

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The greatest role he's ever played is that of Patriot.

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Yea I saw the link at CFP also. This is just sickening. They know they were stomping all over the Constirution and try to find wiggle room to continue doing it.

A little surprising that the Trump WH apparently put in some requests. But it seems clear they knew they were trying to hold the clean end of a turd in trying to put some sort of balance to twitter. I know I'm rationalizing here.

What a fiasco.

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McConnell and McCarthy double down on suppressing free speech. Done.

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No 9 - text book fascism. What is the remedy for traitorous fascists who steal our voices in violation of the oaths sworn to uphold our Constitution? I'm talking about the gubmint apparatchiks here.

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That's so the globalists can understand it

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Sure picked the wrong day to quit smoking pot.

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So if we donate clotshot free swimmers do we get extra stuff?

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We're truly Patriots against Loyalists - those who are loyal to a Globalist cause.

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I thought he went to art school? Sad. He probably felt real pride in what he created, but sometimes getting punched in the face by reality is too much.

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Looks like he had some talent there, but what do I know. Maybe if he could have made a good living painting who knows how things would be different.

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A year or so ago there was a post about a teacher who got fired for not using the appropriate pronouns. It went to court. The teacher won and was reinstated with pay.

1st Amendment wins.

So call them whatever the fuck you want to.

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