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You know, I might be talking out my ass, but don't we have directed energy weapons (you know, lasers) and gauss type (electro-magnetic accelerated) weapons? You know, long distance weapon systems that are not mounted on a jet fighter.

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Oh, pictures. Yeah, that's scientific. What do those "pictures" actually show? Just arbitrary colors chosen to represent an average temperature reading. So, what is the variance between the blue, green, yellow and red colors.

Now, please explain away the previous ice-age. How about historical temperatures (before 1800s) that were higher than they are now? You know, before the industrial age.

Oh, and finally, please explain to me how the weather folks used to use a different color scale to represent the temperatures. Now, using more red to try to convince people that "global warming" exists.

Sorry, not sorry for noticing things.

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So... using Dem-logic, we should stop buying guns legally? (Just asking the question, not suggesting that we should, FIB.)

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Interesting. When will elected representatives do their job?

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Oh how mighty Britton has fallen. They went from this to arresting people for not using someone's "preferred pronouns". Absolute 🤡🌎

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Not a shock to me.

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I am sure the fact that all of the pedos (customers of Epstein) that were not indicted for their criminality probably has something to do with it.

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I call bullshit on this. Nobody respects Biden. Watch the various videos of world leaders absolutely ignoring him. That is not respect. They all know that they can walk all over him.

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Well, VAERS is not completely accurate. However, it is due to doctors and hospitals not entering adverse reactions. So, whatever the count is in VAERS, is much much worse.

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Not to mention that the "science" has never successfully created a vaccine for coronaviruses. And then, boom. Out of thin air, three companies did, at almost the same time.

Oh, let's not forget the people dropping like flies in the China released videos. The CCP would never admit that they have a problem. And now, all of a sudden, the are showing that people are dropping dead from bat soup. Yeah, the whole thing stank.

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Wait, that is how I read his post. 🤣

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