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The big issue is sequestering the CO2. The CO2 comes from underground, so to remove it from the air, it needs to be put back underground or put into a building.

Corn and trees are all fine at removing CO2 from the air, but then they need to be buried. The problem is that when you bury corn, it rots, and can become a fuel source which may burn or explode.

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The med schools aren't the problem. The Federal government restricted the number of federally funded residencies so that the federal government could control the flow of doctors and make sure they only went to big cities and Dem states.

It's not a joke. It was weaponized first by Bill Clinton. And rural areas have suffered since then. The RINOs don't care that the Dems use your tax dollars to train doctors for Dem strongholds and then leave your rural communities to fend for themselves.

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I would hate to be right about this, but I think it's too late for the USA federal government.

Right now, it's about salvaging whatever can be salvaged from your local or state communities. Whatever functions well, get connected. Whatever doesn't, find alternatives.

If you run a business, learn proper accounting if you haven't already. Don't run your finances according to tax filings, but instead run your finances with an understanding of those double bookkeeping methods that show what was traded for what. Was it money for services? Money for goods? Labor for money and goods? Eventually, when the dollar falls through, you're going to need the double bookkeeping methods to determine the relative value of your goods and services. Relative to other goods and services, not to the dollar.

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I feel this too.

Nobody who looks backward to the past predicts the US to persist for much longer. The "end of the empire" vibes have been accelerating since the 90s.

Our country fell when our leaders made a deal with the devil to eliminate the USSR. And then we deserved the fall when we or our parents threw their support behind such evil people even after the USSR fell.

Our churches are even trying to explain why we should be complacent and let the government hurt people. They worship someone other than Jesus because they think one of the main commandments was to stay out of politics completely and shun anyone who engages in disagreement with the government. They fear the government more than God. Many people have suspected this to be the case for decades, but it's clear as day now. But yet people are still blind.

The Bible says that God blinds people and hardens their hearts when he is punishing people or bringing about punishment. Genesis, Exodus, Kings, Isaiah, Daniel, the Gospels, Acts, Revelations. The punishment has not yet come. But like Lot or Noah or Moses or Isaiah, God leads his true followers away from the punishment, but the adversity remains, but his followers have peace in adversity.

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Idk. Makes sense to me.

If you are going to tell women to take all kinds of hormones to make their body inhospitable for conception or emotions, may as well go all the way.

Or we could start going after the AMA for literally lying to women about the negative effects of birth control, and force them to tell women what they should expect to pay in return for temporary infertility.

People don't know this right now, but doctors hide the negative effects because they want to promote reproductive control over all else. It's AMA policy.

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It's definitely "magic" though in the sense that if you short a stock, you probably don't know who you are borrowing the stock from. And you probably don't know what your interest rate is.

And maybe you naked short, which is a crime because it causes a liability for the purchaser of your sold shares in that if you go bankrupt, the shares can't exist, as they never existed to begin with.

Only the corporation can create new shares. You cannot create shares of a corporation or else it would be an easy way to gain control of a corporation.

I know you don't think of stocks as actual ownership of a company because the stock market is magic to you and most people.

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K-Street. Look it up.

The laws are all written by K-Street.

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Terrible things will happen to us on this earth.


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Jesus brought peace to our souls, but he did not bring peace to earth. The people were looking for someone to release their physical bonds, but they got something much better: release from their spiritual bonds. Jesus still is the Prince of Peace.

We know that we should fight for earthly peace and justice and it will be bone-chilling. And God showed us that we are called as his children to fight for the lost sheep and keep his flock. And that we in fact are our brother's keeper. Jesus did not die peacefully. He actually died in severe agony, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

But he brings us peace in our souls. We are asked to sacrifice our earthly body to reunite with our true family under God, our Father.

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I've been training for this through the GME rollercoaster.


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Thanks for this explanation.

My only way to explain this shit to people is that cultural marxism is evil and therefore does not comport to our sense of justice. It's hedonistic emotional justice based on the emotional whims of the cultural elites.

I say it's evil because it's exactly the type of justice that Satan would love to have on earth. One where his demons can sway people's emotions to cause chaos and strife in the name of justice.

When people get so lost in lies and chaos they become physically repelled to light of God's truth and justice. They are like people in a dark room. If someone walks in with a bright light, they will fight to snuff it out.

Cultural marxism is darkness. There is no way to logic through it.

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You need Christianity. Because while the wife subjects herself to the husband, the husband considers the wife's body and mind as his own.

If the husband stops considering his wife's body and mind and soul as his own, then the wife may stop submitting.

This is based in our submission to God. We submit to God because God has our best interests at heart. If He didn't, we would be right to question Him and doubt Him. Even in out doubt, however, he does not stop caring for us and saving us from our mistakes.

It's not a political thing. It's a Christian thing.

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Remember that it is against God's will for us to fear death. I know that I'm not in a place to sympathize with you, but remember that death has been conquered.

Jesus said some pretty radical things about how you must love your family to follow Him. I could never measure up, but I hope you know what I'm talking about.

There's a reason why so many people in the New Testament never had children of their own. God wants us to have children, but like Abraham, he wants us to love Him more than our children that he blesses us with.

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A justice deferred is justice denied.

If it takes 81k pages to indict 15 people, then our justice system is woefully broken.

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They know. They don't care.

HR is not your friend. HR has always been the SS of any company. They hire and fire based on whether you drink the koolaid, despite your performance.

HR is not some judiciary or counsel, they are the propaganda arm of the company. Their job is to organize humans into docile resources.

It would be like you telling CNN that Biden is a fascist. Or it would be like you telling an FBI agent that his/her/xir bosses sex-traffick kids.

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You do not request a religious exemption. You demand a religious exemption.

The religious exemption is not a plea, it's you informing them that you decline for religious reasons. If you apply for religious exemption and they deny it, you cannot comply or else it invalidates your religious exemption. If they try to fire you, you report them to the EEOC and you get ready to sue as you find another job.

Don't see the religious exemption as a "mother may I". It is a stand, saying, "I'm a [Christian/etc] and God says for me not to comply, so I'm not gonna comply. But you can exempt me from your policy."

Now, I think that if they end up just firing atheists, it would make God angry that the Christians didn't stand up for the lost sheep. But perhaps not as angry as if you blew God off and took the vaccine after he showed you so much evidence that this vaccine is bad for you.

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Yeah. The numbers just aren't very significant by themselves.

We would need to see something showing the average life expectancy of someone with the vaccine and someone without. The problem is that you need more deaths. And you would need to factor correlary factors.

They could also describe how the people who died in those 14 days weren't people who were already expected to die.

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It says in the Bible that Jesus had to bear the shame of the sexually immoral by being cast naked in front of a crowd to let them make fun of his naked body. You pretend with Renaissance artwork and FCC approved content that Jesus essentially had a cloth diaper on, but the prophesies explained that Jesus was fully naked at some point on the cross.

If you believe the Bible, then you have to understand that people walking by got to make fun of Jesus on that cross and comment on the size of his dick. And you have to know that at one point, even God turned his back on Jesus.

It this is shameful to you that your savior was cucked in front of the whole world, then maybe don't carry a cross around, because that's what a cross means. It means that your savior took on your punishment, and asked nothing from you. It means that he gives you eternal life if you believe even if you drove a nail into his hands. You cucked Jesus and He forgave you and also took away your other transgressions.

But the other difference is that while you are worried about your own shame and the shame of powerful men, you let widows, the needy, and children get shamed and cast out. Whereas Jesus went to them even in exile and bore their burdens and shame.

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Jesus told Simon to feed His sheep. You can joke about what kind of food Jesus wants us to feed people, but if the bellies are empty, His sheep are not fed.

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Okay. So then you must never have tried to get into a bar underage. The people at the door don't feel bad for turning you away.

It's not so different. If you are the odd one out amongst your friends, you are likely to skirt the rules rather than comply. Especially because the people at the door have volunteered to be SS, so they will get joy from turning you away. And because the documentation is wildly easy to forge right now and they know it. They kind of expect you to forge it.

It's like the USSR where government asked you to lie to them because they knew that what they were asking was impossible. But they were told they had to get the results. "We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us."

I know that lying to comply brings on more requests to lie to comply. But the US government has been doing this for a very long time. "Lie to comply" is unfortunately a common theme in US society and business. Christians went to sleep, and now we live in a "lie to comply" society. It's going to take truly redeemed Christians to get us out of this. Even now, the Christians generally still believe that the world is inherently good, which is in stark defiance of the Bible, which says that the world is evil.

My point is that you hate on the people who lie to comply, but unless you are still a child, you have lied to comply many times. You should start noticing every time you lie to comply over the next month or two. Every time you lie to comply, it pushes this evil we now see in the vaxx mandates.

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Almost a big of a cuck moment as when Jesus let a bunch of rookie cops strip him naked and bolt him to some wood beams, and then let kids threw rocks at his junk.

If you don't like Christianity, you can go join any other religious group including the atheist Marxists trying to eliminate Christian values from society.

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