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Infuriating. I despise this lawlessness.

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I have noticed this. When the internet was young, I could look up topics and get a whole bunch of research papers from various universities related to the topic. It was a treasure trove of information. No more.

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But the thought of making pregnancy easier for people who really want to become parents is something we should be embracing. Right now, creating a child relies on chance and serendipity, or enough money for a lot of IVF cycles. It’s shockingly difficult in the year 2022 to make a baby. It shouldn’t be that way

But I thought the planet was overcrowded. Could they get their messaging consistent?

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Yep. I couldn’t take it. It was a real eye opener.

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Congrats on getting clean. Tough as hell to pull off.

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Oh I never thought of that. I remember when they used to sell their food stamps in the grocery parking lots.

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I was a landlord for a few years and yes this is exactly it. I’d go to collect rent and they had no money. They did have a fully stocked bar, big screen tv and house full of kids toys.

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I DO! It pains me that my granddaughter will never know that America. We actually didn’t have homeless people living on the streets shooting up, defecating, fornicating for the world to see. Good times!

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I remember when they started locking up the baby formula. It was because the drug dealers were emptying the shelves of it to cut their drugs. I remember a US where drug cartels didn’t run the country. Ah the good old days.

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Well they’re algorithms suck because I have never bought a single thing on there. I finally deleted my account. What a stupid platform.

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I said this same thing and some retard came back with AkShUaLlY tHaTs ImPoSsIbLe BeCaUsE tHeSe PlAtFoRmS aRe ToO iMpOrTaNt fOr BuSiNeSsES. Really? What decent business depends on Twatter and FakeBook for survival?

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