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Probably. Future John Connor was a moron.

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Did you just call T2 "vintage"? Clean that mouth with soap right now.

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Funny thing is... it would really endear him and the family to the public, to accept and love the child openly. Even if they only cynically cared about public opinion, they should realize this.

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He never needed to. Women seek out Alpha Males.

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Can I ask you something, and I do not intend to insult, provoke, or antagonize you:

Is there any truth to the meme of Jews considering themselves a separate people from whites/gentiles etc... and is it to the point of looking out for "their own kind" at the expense of whitey?

My close black friend has told me some of the pretty awful things blacks say about whites, and it's even worse than what is said openly. I consider pretty much all Jews to be whites, but what do Jews generally think and say in private?

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Do not diss T2, I implore you. My all time fave movie from childhood.

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Get the frappucino and then shout I WAS KIDDING! ALL LIVES MATTER! LET'S GO BRANDON!

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Thankful to live in this country, with good hearted patriots like everyone in here. Thankful to not feel alone in reality outside the Matrix.

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