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This is the kind of stupid shit that brings down this community.

Is Obama black? Very fucking obviously.

Was he an illegitimate president? Based on the provided birth certificate and the questions surrounding it (which is an actually legitimate mystery) the answer depends.

He certainly won the popular vote and Electoral College.

Now, is Biden a legitimate president? He absolutely did not win the popular vote or Electoral College yet was still certified by it, also yet our legal system is simply designed to not allow the accusations levied to be questioned in court.

Did Trump win the popular vote in 2016? No. Did he win the Electoral College? Absolutely. Did he win both in 2020? All evidence points to yes.

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99% of the stuff this site posts isn't real

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Underpopulation is actually a serious issue.

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Who is Andrew Tate and why should I care about him?

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all the “Kangz” and aboriginals were living in huts without basic inventions like the wheel

Many still are.

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This site is majorly astroturfed by Russian government affiliates as a way to sow division and prop up Trump with beyond stupid culture war issues. It’s painfully obvious because they do a horrible job at masking it because they’re retards, but I’ll continue calling it out🤷‍♂️

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I for one am not going to criticize the intentions behind kind gestures even if they may seem performative. They're still kind.

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Idiots here think they're dunking on this, but the family explicitly requested an umbrella in an email:


Also, this is from 3 years ago.

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Last time I checked, following the law and telling a criminal that they would have a prosecutor look into their crimes, and making up a charge to arrest someone on a misdemeanor without evidence, were not the same thing.

Oh lord my dude, I am agreeing with you on that. 😂

I am also pointing out that if the people voicing these lines about “not prosecuting political opponents" don't expand and clarify at all — which they haven't in their messaging, their messaging has all been very bumper-sticker level slogans with no nuance voiced — then, in that case, it is in fact logically exactly the same argument both sides are making.

You are the one that needs to reread what I have said and think more about this. I don’t mind pointing this out ad nauseum because it’s true 🤷🏼‍♀️

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If one side says:

"I will prosecute my political opponent!"

as a campaign promise, and then when out of power says:

"You should not prosecute your political opponents!"

That is logically hypocritical, without further nuance given.

This is basic.

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