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Yep, we sure got the one lady responsible for fraud in Michigan. As you can tell, our election was secure and air tight as we caught the one guilty offender.

Nothing more to see up here, all good now. Move along, and let's go Brandon!

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i fuckin hate this brooklyn dad fuck so fucking much.

that's fucking all.

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American milk bags are waaaaay more fun

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Given the top right and bottom left of this billboard in this photo, looks fishy to me.

That said, I'd be willing to go check it out if the location was stated anywhere. "North Metro Atlanta" is a fuck all big place.

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Well, if BLM is gonna start protesting vaccines...

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that is NOT why it's hated.

should have called it "TEELA and her ETHNIC LESBIAN SIDEKICK" instead of he-man.

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Is every Bill Gates a complete fucktard?

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I don't think you're going to collect much around here.

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i think everyone is missing the fact that this man GREW A TURBAN.

based sikh obviously has powers beyond our understanding.

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it must be black, brown, or gay, but don't count on it to do a job.

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