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that's the beauty of this meme... the only argument against it is one that those who are against it would never make

Yep by Vsid
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They use a ridiculous definition of "incite violence". What it should mean is "call for violence against someone else" but the way they use it, it means, "say something that causes someone else to want to hurt me".

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"second death" in the Bible refers to burning in the lake of fire for eternity... i don't think you meant that

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have been there many times in such weather, magical, looks and feels exactly like that

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Not ambushed like in a war. Trump relaxes at his club in an accessible fashion. People are checked before they are let in. It is well guarded. The 3 people Kanye brought are all famous in their own right, just not as famous as Trump or Kanye. Trump's message indicates he was expecting a 1 on 1 with Kanye, but it wasnt.

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legit... i wish Trump would have fired Fauci immediately, not pushed the vax, and stuck to his guns even more on HCQ and ivermectin... but i don't blame him for what happened. dont even know what he could have done for J6ers, was not quite enough clarity by Jan 20th

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9 11 happened, there's no denying it. the narrative of how and why it happened though is what needs to be discussed.

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They are going to go after Trump for J6 prisoner treatment, giving Fauci a platform, and vax. That's all they got. 2024 is not going to be fun

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Trump is pointing out that Kanye ambushed him and took advantage of Trump's friendliness toward Kanye. Not a good look for Kanye.

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i don't agree with this. Tate is a Muslim anti-Christ, and it shows.

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