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Tens, TENS of people flocked to see Mike pence standing on a trailer bed LOL.

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The intent is what matters. If he hit them as a matter of distracted driving that’s one thing, if he plowa them fun that’s murder. Also none of these ppl died- it’s a different situation.

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We have faggots parading butt naked a whole month everywhere and the white house flies their flag. But somehow this is bad lol? Who gives a fuck?

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No, the US lost jobs under NAFTA and the WTO admitting China as a member. The lie was that this would open up more manufacturing jobs bc now China would engage in a symbiotic trade relationship. Which obviously was never the plan nor the outcome. The tribe in finance loved this idea bc they lied about it opening up capital- realistically they were just damning wages for their pals.

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Before I reply, I really want to give you the benefit of the doubt. Are you actually suggesting that America “decided” to outsource our own fucking jobs because of our concerns over CO2 emissions?

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Oh yea, all those manufacturing workers who abandoned their job after NAFTA and China at the WTO. Do you the first thing about how manufacturing was rid from America.

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How courageous…you are with your sons life. Posting for clout- FUCK YOU!

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