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nope, your ass hole and it will be so tight that you will cry when you you barter sex for food cause you won't be prepared for the shit that is gonna happen and will have to be fucked in the ass repeatedly for a piece of bread. good luck

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Hahhhahhah, your funny! At least my son has a mom. your booster shot is being prepared, it will be the end of you

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What is it that makes a white person? Do you even know? You do realize that having white skin does not make your heritage white. Even Pocahontas found that out. NOOOOO one is pure bred, even in the bible they interbred. I was just looking at your posts and replies. You haven't even done your research and found out that I am a woman, you assume. Not only am I a woman, I am of German/Irish decent. You are an incredibly boorish and crude person but even boorish and crude people are needed to sharpen the minds of those who understand that empathy is the greatest of all characteristics.

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Sooooooo, (I know you like that);-) you are one of those guys that like to punch down. You were given many opportunities but feel that the way to help others in similar circumstances hinder theirs. You are a gem of a guy.

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bet she'd wear her $30,000 tax the rich dress and eat it to prove how thoroughly oppressively opulent the rich meat eaters are to prove she is not one of them.

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I don't know his personal stance on guns, I am guessing tho that it isn't 2A and that is what makes this whole thing pathetic. Some one that, again guessing, doesn't believe that people have a right to self protection, plays some one who does. Okay, I think that only actual gun toting folks can play gun toters in movies. Like only trans people can play trans people or black cartoon characters can only be voiced over by black people. Only those that believe in 2A can play gun toting character.

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You are funny dude. I am one of those inferior ones you speak of. You have already exposed yourself as some one that sees me as an inferior person, why would you care in the least what I desire. Why would I care to express myself to someone who sees me as so inferior.

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I think you should be president, you are so much more smarter than every one else. I think we made a mistake, TruthDefenseForce probably got the 81 million votes, not Trump. It's easy to shout your virtues, it's harder to back them up.

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The wording of your post suggest differently. It suggests that you feel that you are superior. Those that claim superiority are often the ones that have the least ability.

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You seem to need to prove to every one how strong and smart you are. You need, can't live with out, the feeling of superiority. That, in it's self, is a very significant weakness.

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so, if you have a downs syndrome child, or your brother has ptsd or your sister gets raped and has sever mental trauma and are unable to maintain, you would not help them. You are a grand person.

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In very similar circumstances. My son got fired for not being able to wear a mask.

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No, "We the people" did not vote for this fucker, but the business owners who did go along with this mandate are showing their true colors.

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where and how, looking make an account

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