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That wasn't the reason. The reason was she lied about the poll numbers to make DeSantis look better, according to Trump

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But Rinos are in charge of DeSantis 2024 campaign and he's challenging Trump. That's the facts. He might be a good governor, why not stay there instead of running against Trump

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I see you read Conservative Treehouse. Good for you. Best political analysis on the internet

Last August Sundance started calling out Meatball on his 2024 presidential ambitions and took a lot of heat for attacking the Meatball. But of course he was right, he usually is

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Trump called covid a hoax, remember. The whole world shut down to get rid of Trump. Do you really think there was anything he could do when the entire world shut down their countries. If Trump had refused to do that, both republicans and democrats would have dragged him out of the White House and put him in jail for endangering the population

He tried to fight it but what could he do?

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Let's be clear. Sessions was considered the most based, right wing senator in the U.S. All republican candidates in 2016 fought for Sessions' endorsement. Steven Miller worked for Sessions

How was Trump to know that Sessions was part of the swamp

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Elon Musk's BBC interview on twitter had 3 million viewers so 300.000 for Meatball announcement isn't impressive

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However Ron is backed by the same people trying to destroy Trump, that's concerning. Ron is a DC politician

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That's not his tone but nevertheless he's right. Mods protected DeSantis for a long time, didn't sticky any posts suggesting DeSantis was campaigning for president when it was obvious he was

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Meatball will never be president. Go start the Ronald, you are obviously a DeSantis supporter

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I don't understand your narrative. This site is The Donald. DeSantis has just announced he's going up against Trump for the republican nomination for president. Do you expect people here to applaud that decision? The reality is that currently due to DeSantis' decision to run for president, he and Trump are political opponents

DeSantis supporters could always start The Ronald if he's so popular

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Ron is sponsored and funded by the swamp

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He was removed in an environmentally friendly way, so the left should have no problem with this

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A lonely real journalist in the state department press corps. It's always Matt from AP asking the uncomfortable questions

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It's unreal isn't it. Perhaps Trump's biggest legacy is that he has revealed just how incredibly corrupt the whole system is, including media

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DeSantis has hired a delegates expert, they are working on rules change, expect shenanigans. Just like Democrats control who they nominate with super delegates

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