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How is this damaging? Seriously liberals are organized in a way we will never be. They own hollywood and the news oh and the three letter agencies that I guess take a vow to uphold the constitution but I won’t hold my breath. I scoffed at a buddy of mine who was sending his children to Chinese lessons. I will apologize to him now because they’ve been playing the long game while our whore politicians and corporations are playing the short game.

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The 99.9 percent waking up. We out number them. Military technology can’t win over those numbers

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Does every im just following orders get the same training. I mean get these guys some gloves if their hands are so cold. They all posture with their hand in a chest pocket. These guys are sensitive to cold get them some gloves. Fucking faggot kid fuckers. Larpers.

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They absolutely move away while preaching how much they like diversity.

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Is there a feel good video of this?

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Fact check is a liberal term and as all liberal new words and phrases they mean the exact opposite

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Which law enforcement are you proposing to rally? Are you going to pay their pensions? Only reason they are there is after 20 years they get salary for doing jack shit at the age of mid 40’s. Get another gig and get two pensions at 60. Just following orders.

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Which Catholics? Listen I don’t give a shit either way but when arguments here are presented this way one I have to point out that being Jewish is not an ethnicity it’s a religion. Targeting one to blame all ills on is stupid and ignorant. But also arguing on who to blame is also stupid and ignorant. What we are all missing is that it’s .1% vs the rest of us. They don’t give a shit about you only how they can control you and make money off of you.

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They don’t care about you. Government has been long bought out by corporations and they don’t give a shit about the people. The us was founded on power in the people’s hands. Only took 200 years to be bought out. No other land on this planet offers what was offered here and our whore politicians sold us out.

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I’d prefer stoic assholes over cackling idiot douchebags any day.

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