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Lost my youngest brother two months ago to a corrupt hospital who essentially murdered him because my family wouldn't go with the status quo.

I'm sorry for your loss friend, keep his memory and spirit alive as best you can.

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Democrats have to keep holding black people on a pedestal so they won't look into the party's extremely racist history.

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history has proven

Gold was worth less in 1970 than it was in 1920 and was worth the same in 1947 as it was in 2000. Your perception of what history has proven is a little warped.

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Land historically appreciates in value. You can parcel off your land to sell for additional funds if you need. The land itself is a resource for you. If you study trends and development, you can potentially buy land for thousands and it will be worth millions within 5-10 years.

Doomsday OP is using gold in the context of long term investments, not short term for buying goods and services. In that same context, buying land beats precious metals in every instance.

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Some people here will grasp at straws until their last breath to gaslight themselves into thinking Gaetz is a bad dude. They're so far removed from reality that there's no way anyone could have good intentions.

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This is under the assumption America will go back to the gold standard of currency. Which it never will at this point. That is the only thing you gold hoarders have to hang on to, and that my friend, isn't a wise financial decision at all. Not to mention the Fed has a massive stockpile of gold. All they have to do is flood the market and your gold becomes worthless. Gold isn't finite in our lifetime and therefore it's worth is completely arbitrary. You know what is finite? Land.

You should be hoarding and buying up land.

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If the Federal Reserve minted US currency is the sole standard in this country and is a transactional requirement to buy/sell goods, then equal opportunity and protections should be applied to every single citizen in the United States.

No bank or financial institution should lawfully be able to deny services and access to anyone for any reason inside existing federal laws.

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all it requires to vacate is a simple majority vote

Which is why it won't pass. Kevin will strike some backroom deal with 20-30 Democrats like he's very obviously have. Democrats have still gotten their way ever since McCarthy got Speakership.

I've seen the Motion to Vacate as a non-issue since day 1 because McCarthy is a snake and he didn't sweat it one bit. That was all I needed to know the fix was in.

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Biden will be judged when he fucking dies. Unfortunately it won't be before that.

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More from Biden than Trump. There are a lot of Democrats who are itching to vote Independent because they despise Biden, too. Having a historically Democrat candidate run Independent is all they'll need. RFK running Independent theoretically will give the win to Trump.

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I meant people who would normally take a stand. Facebook people don't count, they're far too lost already. They barely care about what's in their own walls.

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Nah, they'll fuck you and all of us over at the 11th hour just like every other time this happens.

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Obama wasn't qualified to be President either, but look how that turned out.

You think the same people are going to give a shit about Americans pointing fingers at Kamala and not install her anyway? Lollll

Biden won't be convicted in the Senate, so he either gets voted out, or dies before his second rigged term is over.

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Old school OG Punk has always been a conservative movement based on anti-government, anti-authoritarianism, rebellion, real inclusivity, freedom of choice and expression.

Post-1985 punk is fake poser liberal trash.

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Everyone needs to be opening their own businesses and get after your own money and work your own hours and decide your own employment.

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Citizens always outnumber government officials and authorities.

Americans have the numbers behind them just like we have always had.

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Except this time around Americans are too fucking lazy to do anything about it to help their fellow Americans in another Revolution.

Countless people are only focused on what's inside their own four walls.

Harsh truth, but this is where we stand. America will succumb to a pseudo-dictatorship and authoritarian government. The more time that goes on without another Revolution, the more this fact becomes a reality.

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