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  1. Fags.
  2. Who cares? Literally not worried about any potential scamdemic. And I'm never going to care
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Maybe stop "hooking up" and start looking for meaningful relationships that have a chance of going somewhere beyond a one night stand

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How about destroying them? Make them unusable and physically bar anyone who tries to remove you or fix the boxes.

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What they're not mentioning is she's "openly lesbian" because somehow she thinks it matters in how she teaches material to the kids. It literally doesn't matter if you're gay. No, you can't inject personal faggot stuff from your life into your lessons. You can be gay and leave it at home. When you walk in the classroom, you're just a teacher, not a "gay teacher"

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If one or both of your parents got to attend college because they are a minority and the college severely lowered standards for attendance and graduation, walk back a mile

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Taxes, FICA, and "unemployment insurance" where you're paying to fund other losers' laziness

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File under "bullshit that never happened"

We've seen this tactic before. They're making up sexual assaults just like they did to Trump with the Miss America cunts.

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Yeah and Hideo Kuze is a Marxist terrorist. He tried to mount a war between Japan and refugees they took in and allowed to live on a floating urban island. He tried to procure a nuke and get them to declare their island was a sovereign nation

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Every privilege exists, except White. Whites are scapegoated for all the problems other races have.

  • black.
  • Asian.
  • LatinO.
  • progressive.
  • atheist.
  • Branch Covidian.
  • anyone on the "alphabet" spectrum.
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this. I'm sick of hearing "what's good for you and those around you". "those around me" have a responsibility to take care of themselves, not Karen me into doing something for their benefit. If they don't like what I'm doing or not doing, they're free to remove themselves from my presence.

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Elon was never a Republican til now and him buying Twitter was only "illegal" because Twitter wasn't acting in good faith. Nothing Elon did was wrong.

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Thats an exit not an entrance, faggots

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I hope a pox comes for every member of the Rothschild family and wipes them out. They're all scumbags of the highest order

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CNN basically described a recession as a means for lowering gas prices...somehow it's our fault for "buying so much gas" that if we slow down or stop the price will come down.

WTF? I mean we all have to travel, get to work, trucks have to haul shit. we can't just "stop the economy for a month" and see if prices fall from lack of demand.

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To see political leaders of our great state speak this past week about a woman’s “right” to submit to such a violent act against science was quite shocking, particularly because their words are based on a lie; the lie being that reversing Roe v. Wade will outlaw abortion. The case that the Supreme Court is presently considering – and they have not issued a ruling at this point – is the case of a Mississippi law banning abortion for non-medical reasons after 15 weeks.
That’s right: if a woman become pregnant she can immediately take the “abortion pill,” mifepristone (Mifeprex) and misoprostol (Cytotec), to prevent pregnancy. If she is indecisive and decides after it is too late to take the pill, she still has 15 weeks – nearly four months – to have an elective abortion. The excuse that 15 weeks is not enough time because a woman may not know she is pregnant is ludicrous because she’d have to miss three menstrual cycles by the time the 15 weeks are up.

I agree with the pill, that should be the ONLY course in most situations. Unwanted? rape? incest? Morning after pill, NO abortions. you don't need one. Abortions should ONLY be done if it's discovered the full term pregnancy and delivery would be a serious health threat for the mother. Otherwise there are ways to prevent or quickly stop a pregnancy early that was a mistake or product of rape/incest. You don't need to wait "15 weeks" and then disembowel and suck out a developing fetus.

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