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The Afghans did not stop their country from being invaded. They just won the wars in the long game.

No one said guns would stop it. Thinking that the resistance can neither manufacture nor take weapons far more effective than guns from the other side is ignorant.

Most of their infrastructure works very poorly without electricity, running water, and gasoline. All of those things are very difficult to protect and very easy to sabotage.

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But would you follow him to the kitchen:


At 30 seconds the time to bake begins.

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Here is how evidence and research works in medicine:

Company has a product to sell. Company pays researchers to do research to show that product is safe and effective. 97% of all scientists agree with the people funding them. The other 3% have not yet learned how their game is played.

Good research costs money (for some reason competent people with college educations prefer to get paid for their work); no one wants to pay for it unless it somehow increases their profits.

People do not get paid for research that reduces profits. Companies invent research guidelines/protocols and give them names like "evidence based medicine" and "randomized controlled trials" that push out everyone from the market who cannot fund multi city trials involving thousands of participants.

Companies make way more money if they have a monopoly (i.e. patent), because they have almost no competition. This is why companies do not like generic drugs; they make far less money off of them.

This is an extreme oversimplification but is generally accurate. I know there are some small exceptions.

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As long as we have our weapons, we have not lost and they have not won.

Things looked bad for the Afghans when the Russians took Kabul.

That ended with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Then the US went in twenty years ago and still has not effectively conquered the country. Britain lost to the afghans three times before the Soviet Union did.

Quit dooming. Read "The Other side of the Mountain". Superpowers can be defeated even by impoverished third world countries.

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Would have expected more from the adopted son of a AF major general who was harshly slapped on the wrist for selling nuclear technology to china.

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I thought we were going to have rittenhouse and the Jan 6th ers freed on bastille day instead. Must have missed the memo.

If you want to correct the medical tyranny, find out how fauci got/kept the cush job he has for the last 4 decades, how the entrenched AMA/CDC/NIH authorize all the medical protocols in this country that you lose your license for not following, and how the rockefellers bankroll all of that and intentionally corrupt pharma and medical education to sell their subsidiarys' products.

Because your corner doc is not the one designing the protocols; he is just the one who will get fired for not passing on the message.

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It almost seems as if the vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

I'm sure they would have figured that out in the human studies.

Or the animal studies.

Hey has anybody seen the results of those studies?

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Make sure she gets one of the vaccines where you can't sue the manufacturers, those who prescribe it, or those who administer it in case something goes wrong. Oh wait that is all of them.

I am sure that the companies who gave us such great vaccines as:


-The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research supported 1918 Meningitis vaccine in Ft. Riley, KS,

-the 1955 Cutter polio vaccine,

-the VaxGen anthrax vaccine,

-the 1998 RotaShield rotavirus vaccine,

-the Cervarix HPV vaccine, and the

-the Gates funded 5 dose tetanus vaccine regimen in Kenya can do no wrong so it should not be a problem right?

Haven't heard of those? Strange given how concerned our mainstream media is with our health these days.

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The upside to this is that they are getting experience determining which of their leaders are compromised by marxists and standing up to them.

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A standard grenade launcher is not a great weapon against a helicopter in the air. Better off going with an SKS if you are going the cheap route. Or for that matter lasers or high quality rocket type fireworks with shrapnel attached.


I assume you are talking about their helicopters and not ours.

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Sorry for the SNL/youtube link but it is not everyday that you can make a vegan vampire lesbian librarian reference:


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"In psychology, projection refers to placing your own negative traits or unwanted emotions onto others, usually without reason."


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Texas v. Pennsylvania

If it eventually goes to the court of final appeals responsible for that, what is the point of trying.

All semblance of a justice system is gone after 12/11/20.

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Since steroids are used sometimes to treat COVID, does this mean it basically takes care of itself?

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The audits are not all that matters.

ACTIONS based on the result are all that matters.

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Secret tribunal member names are public record since Jan 6th.

Addresses are too if you look for them.


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July 14th is right around the corner

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Does anyone know the name of the facilities they are holding Kyle Rittenhouse and the Jan 6th protesters in?

In other news, Bastille day is coming up on July 14th. Anyone have anything planned? I wonder how they will be remembering it in Canada this year.

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Also, don't speak too loudly about mixing that in. Bill G might start getting ideas.

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People could still come after them. Just not in the courts. After Texas v. Pennsylvania it became abundantly clear we no longer have anything resembling a functioning justice system anyway. I had not heard about the PREP act; thanks for the info.

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