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let's send him more billions...wait...more trillions. yes, that's it...more trillions.

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why is biden speaking for ukraine? this entire situation is as corrupt as it gets.

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I will only give it to other non vaxxed to keep it pure

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Of course you can, that's the point. You have that right as well. IT ISN'T ABOUT WHAT HE SAID. If you are so inclined to prove him wrong, that's fine. If you think he's a moron, that's fine, but what isn't fine is to cancel him and his right to his own opinions, that's the POINT.

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Well, then it makes it all the more imperative we defend his right to express himself, because once we can no longer speak freely we are finished.

by Bullgod
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it has nothing to do with what he said. it's the FACT that he's not allowed to say it. if you truly have free speech, he can state his opinions. the sheer amount of cartwheels the media will go to to protect "those that cannot be named" screams "what's up with that?" they do more to bring curiosity to themselves than Ye ever could just by their reaction.

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this isn't about what Ye said, it's about cancelling him for saying it. unless you have reasons to silence him, then who cares what he says? why is the media going insane? why are "conservatives" saying he has no place? why are you so adamant to connect me with his opinions? if he is so "crazy" or "wrong" then who the hell would care? the reaction to shut him up says someone is very uncomfortable.

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this is not about that. it's about do we have free speech or not. standing with Ye isn't agreeing with him, it's defending his right to hold his own opinions. if you don't get that, then you've fallen for the ruse to silence people at their behest.

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it's not about that, this is about cancel culture. silencing people. destroying people's lives. look what they've done to this guy for pointing out the obvious.

by herg
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nobody said anything is made up.

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