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I often tell people without serious research you'd have a hard time actually refuting it.

The Flat Earth model is thrown out to distract from NASA lies.

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Yeah I'm with you. I go to meetings. It's a ghost town, but a presence wouldn't amount to much in most places.

It's a shame because in my area it would.

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You're being shot back at in the information war for a change - you're going to need a new weapon Roth. That one doesn't work anymore.

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You can not reverse gene editing. You could attempt a further edit to get it closer or to perhaps even stop the reproduction of the nano particles, but you can't make the crumpled paper perfect again.

You can put the teacup back together, but it will always have the cracks.

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Yes the account is a well known popular troll.

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...wouldn't be surprised? My brother you can escalate that to "its now demonstrably proven"

You have my permission to stop extending them the benefit of the doubt.

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Eh I don't doom, destiny is actually way cooler than you can imagine.

But you have to get through this really shitty part first, and it's not going to be handled for you.

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Yeah that's the one.

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He's either foolish and fell for a trap, blinded by his ego for having done the "impossible".

Or he's in on it.

Those are your options.

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Requires you're not occupied by communists. Won't happen. Our generals are all compromised commies.

Realistically the process would have to go through the powers of oh shoot I forget the acronym as I'm typing this.. the ones who cut checks after a natural disaster. They have the power to set up courts.

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Won't happen until we make it happen. No one is coming to save us.

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Assange yes but he's already dead. I see you all have already forgotten the black bag footage.

Snowden no. If you're going to leak shit be smart about it. We all already knew we were being spied on, people were only kidding themselves if they thought otherwise.

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It's a choice, not a destiny promised everyone. We were warned about this time, the persecutions have only just begun.

But honestly I can't help but rejoice, there's much work to be done and I delight in it. It doesn't involve convincing anyone of anything.. the parallel structures that need building only require our time, resources and will.

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To be fair - we don't act like humans nor do we demand the respect humans are worthy of.

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This is the last step. It's not enough to be the majority, you have to feel like it too - AND know that others do too, and know they know you do too.

But this is a matriarchal system currently. Women have a lot of power and are capitulated to - women go along with what is perceived as popular/normal.

Communism is the "in group".

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Yeah I'm sick of it all too. Can't do anything for them though, just like you can't take away someone's addiction.

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