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Yes, trust the unanimous Uniparty vote.

Sorry I should have known better.

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The fact that PDW are repeating this all of a sudden is because they just UNANIMOUSLY voted on it.

Covid has been the deep states most effective and brutal weapon against the American people and there is absolutely 0 reason to believe they've all of a sudden changed their perspective and "want to get to the bottom of it".

ZERO chance.

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50% chance the US released this thing from within the Ukrainina bioweapons labs.

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Unanimous vote = unanimous lies.

This was released by the US via the biolabs in Ukraine.

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If black people are sooo equal, then why does EVERYTHING disproportionately effect them?

How can everyone else seem to get along living under the same rules, in the same system and yet such drastic differences in outcomes?

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Didn't even know the super bowl was happening yesterday until i opened a new tab up and saw some dumb ass news stories about the half-time show.

Fuck the NFL

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This is a totally different type of vaccine which has never been released before so who knows what the side effects will be on this one.

Obviously they know what will happen but we don't yet.

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He's mainly saying this to maintain neutrality but yes its never good to worship any single person.

So as long as you don't worship Elon, who the fuck cares?

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Something got activated in the NPC mind.

I had an Asian friend who got along just fine with me then in 13 he started calling me racist and saying institutional racism is the cause of all problems.

He said I'd never understand and can't comprehend because I was white.

I will never forget it because we had been friends for years and years with no issues around race or politics and all of a sudden like the flip of a switch it was full blown racial division.

No idea how they triggered them like this but whatever mind control mechanism they used it was extremely effective.

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Wrong. This is how the Bolsheviks took power in Russia.

Make the people constantly feel unsafe and they will eventually give anything to feel safe again. Their solution is almost always larger government and the eradication of those responsible, which in their minds is us (the "rich", evil capitalist whites).

Same playbook, different society and will result in the same thing.

Nobody wins here.

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Wrong. Black people aren't the ones doing this, its white liberals.

White liberals who want a PHD since a PHD requires being published.

How do you get published? You have to do research that is new, or unexplored.

What's easier, Real science or some bullshit "social science" garbage that will get published if you simply say "white is bad"?

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Believe it or not but Facebook is the platform with the largest spread of right wing ideas.

The Daily Wire regularly gets the largest number of shares and has the furthest reach on facebook

They need to shut that down.

They already have complete control of reddit, tik tok, Instagram, twitter (had), vine, etc...

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Uh huh... Cool story bro

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Yeah dude went on Epstein island and filmed it

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Well he's probably done more for freedom than anything you've done so screw you.

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Also, they just sent 100 billion to Ukraine.

That is double what he paid for twitter so they can shove that talking point up their asses

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Not all. Many of us are working from the inside on a county level to take back control

Leadership has to be replaced though

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The only thing we can hope is that this wakes up some centrists and leftists.

We've already known this was going on.

I love you pedes. YEARS in advance of everyone else.


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