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Hmmm I'd say more like 60-70 years ago

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The entire world has no clue this nonsense is even happening. Speak to anyone who doesn't spend time on social media or doesn't get involved in politics, and you'll notice that they have no clue. If it's not shown to them through the MSM, then they will not search for it nor believe it. Here in Australia, we hear about the mass shootings on the MSM and the majority of losers think America has a huge gun issue.

The rest of the world is not laughing on the US, because the majority of the world's population is stupid.

The MSM controls the narrative, not Libs of TikTok.

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Jokes on China! TikTok users have no intelligence!

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I always knew this was happening but just couldn't understand how it was always kept so secretive.

I guess this is why I prefer reading older, classical books.

I spoke to a customer of mine in Australia who does a similar thing for a conservative/anti-left political article website. The website is operated by one guy who is the public face of the site/company, but the daily articles are written by this other guy who takes no credit, invoices the company and no one knows anything about him. The followers just assume the articles are written by the face of the company.

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What's the legality behind this? How can an author say they wrote a book, take the credit for it, use their name to pump sales and all while doing it legally?

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Fresh cayenne pepper plants? Or like sprinkle powdered pepper everywhere?

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I'm planning on raising chickens next year. Starting small. Up to 5 laying hens.

Does the meat taste nice when they're old and no longer laying?

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No one is pro Russia.

We are anti globalists and we smell bullshit with the love that the MSM and leftists are giving Ukraine.

Both sides are evil. Both sides are corrupt. Innocent lives will be caught in the middle of all of it while the elite globalists get rich.

The MSM is the enemy of the people and if they're telling us to feel sorry for Ukraine, then we should be doing the opposite.

Or a better idea would be to switch it all off, pray and fast for the conversion of sinners, read some books, ignore the BS we can't control and worry about our own family and small community.

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He consecrated the world...that was not the instruction given.

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DOWN 1%!!!!!

iT's HaPpEnInG!!!!

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Oh man. America is doomed. You guys should've never given up your guns.


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You must be a George Floyd Conservative

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Not everything.

Wink wink. Jab jab

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Violence is not the answer.

But neither is protesting for a couple hours and then going home.

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Yep. So many staunch LNP voters i know are voting United now. United will never win anything and all it's doing is guaranteeing a Labor and bloody Greens party in power!

We are doomed.

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I wanted to go to this but then I remembered what a waste of time it is.

Drive 3 hours to get there. Do some walking. Stand around and listen to people shouting on megaphones and then everyone goes home.

That's not a protest.

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