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It's important to understand what works and what the studies show works. Masks do reduce the number of droplets that exit your orifices. No question about it.

But the important question to ask the 'trust the science' idiots is "does the virus live and reproduce in saliva and if it does, why do they take swabs instead of asking you to spit into a tube?"

Cause the answer is that saliva, while being nasty stuff full of harmful germs, is not a significant repository of living virus. You don't generally get sick from a respiratory virus because of someone's spit. The clue is kinda in the name "respiratory".

And that's why masks don't do shit against Covid even when they do reduce the amount of spit in the air.

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The Chinese don't work like that. They don't invade countries with armies (and have never won a land war in history anyway)

China has already been acquiring land, quietly and efficiently, the world over. By buying it.

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Don't be stupid, invading the US is literally impossible except from Mexico or Canada.

But the same oceans that protect the US from invasion also make it very difficult to project power to other places.

The Navy turning to shit will make this power projection much harder, meaning other powerful states (China) will simply ignore US interests and do whatever. The petrodollar hegemony fails if it cannot provide protection of its interests.

And if that happens, the dollar goes kaboom under the weight of US debt, because the real backing of the world's reserve currency is the military and economic might of the US.

No invasion needed, country will basically be brought to its knees for years

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You don't need a separate document. Just show your license or existing ID card.

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It's not laundering. Laundering is when you legalize money whose provenance is illegal. Like if you steal a million bucks or get a few mill selling drugs, you cannot put the money in a bank and using cash completely limits your purchase power.

So you have to open like an art gallery where you sell shitty modern art "masterpieces" to yourself through a front. This profit from this art sale is now legal money since you can explain where it came from and payed the relevant taxes. Literal laundromats are also a great way to launder lots of smaller bills.

But using legal government funds to provide lucrative contracts to your buddies as a way of paying off their questionable services isn't laundering. It's graft and corruption.

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The one factor you cannot eliminate is the funding of the research and thus its goals.

Hint: the goal is not to find the truth as objectively as possible or find the most effective X for a given Y. The goal is to prove what the sponsor of the research wants you to prove.

And so -- regardless of methodology -- it's not "not perfect", it's "90% useless bullshit".

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Trump has nothing to do with it.

Pharmacological companies basically control all levels of medicine -- from how it's taught to how it's regulated. This is a global thing not limited to just the states.

These companies will not allow anyone to get in the way of their Covid profits.

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The medical industry is one of the the most corrupt. It's been bought by pharmacological companies at every single level.

This isn't some consult theory. This is what official enquires and studies show whenever this topic is examined.

All medical emergencies are thus used for profit by the industry.

Why would Covid be any different?

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Every single white bourgeois liberal who pities "the blacks" considers them inferior.

That's what pitying is, by definition. You feel pity for the pityful: the retarded, the disabled, kitties with no eyes, puppies with no legs.

The entire woke movement is basically childless women with an inflamed motherhood instinct treating all blacks exactly as they would treat a retard and the majority of blacks accepting this for the gibs, all of it surrounded by a bunch of confused, puerile, low-t males

So yes, special ed children is exactly right.

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How many women do you think get together to talk about all that? Maybe 20% of that group are the trend setting narrative builders. The rest are normies who will agree with whatever the perceived leadership shits out.

It is entirely possible to get like 20-30 women together to completely change the direction of the narrative of your local league and putting together that many non-crazy women is not impossible. This is how the left infiltrated everything, and they're fucking crazy spinster bitches.

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Gold is the best long-term storage of value bar none (a wealth in gold from the Roman empire or ancient Egypt or even pre-history is worth more now than it was then) but the problem is always keeping the gold.

If you have it in a bank or on paper you don't have gold, you have a useless IOU. If you have it home, it's a giant PITA.

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You weren't really supposed to do that. I mean, they might have told you that you were, but everything they told you is pretty much bullshit.

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Real talk: nobody every really cares about the victims unless you know them on a personal level.

Personal level never applies when you're talking about geopolitics.

This is a political stunt by Russia, just like 100% of all human right organizations or messages you've ever heard about some "dictator" doing something horrible and undemocractic in some shithole country somewhere.

by basetro
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Animals aren't evil. If they kill you, it's to eat your insides not to enjoy your pain and suffering

These are people, and they are evil servants of Satan.

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Yeah, but 2020 showed that the vast majority would choose servitude and safety over freedom and prosperity even it the risk of dying is like (a perceived) 5-10%.

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It was proven long before that, because the virus is literally orders of magnitude smaller than the holes in a mask. Literally worse than throwing a hot dog down a subway tunnel.

All the mask mandates (and social distancing etc.) were predicated on the idea that the virus is spread primarily by large droplets, which is a stupid suppositions in the first place, now proven false.

Like other respiratory viruses, it spreads primarily through aerosol, and none of that shit does anything against virus particles.

Think cigarette smoke as the better model: if you can smell it, really small particles are reaching you. Is standing 6 feet away in a medical mask from a motherfucker smoking inside going to prevent you from smelling smoke?

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That's not the choice being offered.

Submit and live. Live in a pod, eating bugs, consooming capeshit, porn and Funko pops. In servitude, but alive.

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