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He fucked his best friend’s wife when he was Mayor of San Francisco.

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Liz thought she had an in and was popular with the CNN and Hollywood celebrity crowd. They dumped her faster than last night’s spoiled cat dinner.

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True, but stop equating any drag queen with being a groomer. I doubt most drag queens are groomers, or have anything to do with children. I don’t care if you want to dress up in high heels or women’s panties in your private life, so long as you want to MAGA.

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I am just telling it like it is. Most people are open to MAGA, but are turned off by the abortion and drag queen bullshit. Keep playing into it and lose, but then the real faggots on here will just cry about fake ballots.

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Why was it called “Q.” Is that for LBGTQ?

I actually feel sorry for your average run of the mill white gay dude. Things were much simpler in the 70’s. You went to San Francisco or New York, when you entered a “gay bar” you hung out with dudesm who carried themselves like dudes, and did your thing.

I couldn’t imagine trying to find my way with all this alphabet shit. Now, 40 years later, every “gay bar” is overrun with drag queens that is quickly descending into pedophilia.

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This is going to continue to happen until they repeal the recent progressives wave of no bail release and Ronald Reagan’s closing of the mental hospitals.

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Free speech shouldn’t be subject to a majoritarian vote. I know Twitter is a private company, but the Founders would be rolling in their graves if they saw how much power these tech monopolies had.

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He won’t because he is corrupted.

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Yeah, but he will get all “progressive judges,” like the Hawaii judge times 100.

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She is in a No win situation. She knew it was blatantly stolen, but what is she going to do? Ask people to go down and peacefully protest at the Capitol? Doubt she wants to wind up as a political prisoner in Guantanamo.

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“The average "independent" voter in Arizona is a fat Latina who wants more welfare money but also thinks inflation is too high.“

This. And she wants her loans forgiven.

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What a bitch. Why didn’t she pick up the phone first before running her mouth and throwing Trump under the bus.

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20% remaining. It is already the weekend. WTF is taking so long?

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What happened to the red wave flair. We are going to need it when they call it for Kari.

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Don’t get too excited. “Equal rights amendment,” minimum wage, and ranked choice voting also passed. This state is fucked.

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They should ask her how she thinks Brett Kavanaugh feels having to deal with her supporters.

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DeSantis fights? How? Rattling off occasionally about the vaccine and woke b.s. is hardly fighting compared to what Sanders put up with the press on a daily basis.

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She was probably flapping her mouth at the wrong prison guard.

She is learning that Russian prison camps are nothing like restorative Justice circles in American public schools.

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“A lot of bad things happening.”

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