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Get a religious exemption fren

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What’s he grifting now?

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I don’t give a fuck what you are. chances are if you’re a black trans woman your spelling would be much worse. Second of all I’ll do and say what I want, how I want.

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Yea, I definitely don’t need a lecture from you, but thanks. Pointing out someone is a Jew or Muslim is no different than pointing out you’re a straight white male. Same thing. Thanks, although we agree, I don’t a lecture from anyone

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Don’t pay attention to Salty for no good reason but Tim is a retard

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Pure blood Virgo here. Always rushed to the bottom

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Maybe they’ll be a delay in missile production, which will save an afganni life. Raytheon isn’t too far from where I’m from. Best of luck and fuck Joe Biden

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Absolutely. Then make her lick it

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